Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Gujarati Medium | Textbook PDF File | Standard 7

It seems weird to laugh at everything, just like laughing at everything. Many people are born with a well in the forehead. That
conversation is crying. No one takes the weeping of such people seriously. This is the point of a spouse. Whatever the case, the wife starts to cry immediately. The husband often told her that you would cry even in ordinary things. Some people even have a tension that will cry right now! Once the wife started crying, the husband said, "Do you sit and cry? Hearing this, the wife said, You want a cry! 

Why can't you cry yourself? What do I do if I cry? Everyone has their own understanding and mindset about crying too. Where can everyone even accept someone's cry? What happens to her, what does it mean to cry? A lot of crying also makes us angry. If this started crying back! You have nothing to cry but to cry.Some people even have the right to cry wrong. Even with the drama of crying, many people are collecting condolences. A person who cries wrong is not a true laugh. Weeping is also a conspiracy for those who cry. True crying is one that requires no effort. 

It just happens. Eyes suddenly appear. The edges of the eyes are blurred. This happens. Something is missing and waking up in our eyes. Sometimes we even forget about our existence. No need to seek solitude to cry every time. Sometimes we have memories that are too shaky to forget where we are. We do not even realize or feel that someone sees us!There is an incident above the airport. A young man used to go abroad for a long time. Cataclysmic suffering caused a heart attack. He was sitting in the waiting area after a security check. Suddenly, his eyes became wet.

 The girl sitting next to him asked, Are you OK? The paleo became a young alert. Yes, yes, I'm fine! Then these tears? If you don't mind, you can talk to me. The young man said that I would go out for two years. My girlfriend is here. Weeping had begun to think why I could live without it. The girl said, Don't miss that much. Remember, how happy you will be when you meet him again two years later! You know, I'm going back to my lover after a year and a half. I know, I would cry over it. Ask one thing Have you ever cried against your girlfriend? We should not hesitate to cry to our own person, because there is nothing we can prove. The best of a relationship can be expressed as you are. We should be proud of our tears. Have an open cry to someone who has the sense of your crying. All weeping is the humiliation of tears. If you have a person who can cry easily, no one is as lucky as you
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