Friday, May 29, 2020

Pravasi Teacher Bharti GR 28 May 2020 | Gujarat school

Complaints of shortage of teachers in grant-aided schools across the state are heard from time to time. The government has allowed
the recruitment of traveling teachers so as not to disrupt the teaching work of students against the shortage of teachers in schools. However, the principals who have been extending the tenure of the traveling teachers have breathed a sigh of relief in view of the recent decline.

A scheme of traveling teachers was started in the grant-aided schools two years ago, which allowed the grant-aided schools to have traveling teachers with honorarium per hour instead of the retired teachers. Since then, if the issue of shortage of teachers has remained intact, the tenure of the traveling teachers has been extended from time to time, subject to which the tenure of the traveling teachers has been extended till March 31, 2020 at the beginning of the new academic session 2018-20. That means teaching will now run year-round in the grant-aided schools with the help of traveling teachers. The Surat District Education Officer has given approval to fill the traveling teacher as per the list of schools. At the same time, despite the proposal of a traveling teacher, the schools whose names are not in the list have been ordered to go to the office in person and get their names approved. Thus, from the very beginning of the new term, the worries of the principals about the issue of traveling teachers have come to an end. The number of teachers in each school is adequate to ensure proper education. Bachelor's degree is compulsory for traveling teacher. The school board can recruit itself by submitting an application with the demand of a traveling teacher to its district education officer. Grants for traveling teachers will be paid by the government.

The traveling teachers plan to ensure that the vacancies do not affect the students
The traveling teachers scheme is implemented so that the vacancies of teachers do not affect the students. The government has also fixed a maximum daily honorarium for each school. Schools cannot bill more than that. The maximum bill for this is Rs 7,000 in primary schools and Rs 13,500 in secondary and higher secondary schools. Traveling teachers are allowed even if regular teachers go on long leave with vacancies. The school has to pass the bill every three months from the office of the district education officer. The DEO-DPO has been instructed to check the school which has a traveling teacher at the end of some time.

Primary, Secondary, U.M. Payment to the Department of Education
Different daily wages will be paid in the primary, secondary and higher secondary education departments. Wages will be paid for a maximum of 6 hours daily.
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