Tuesday, June 23, 2020

IITE B.Ed.Admission Notification 2020 PDF File | Official Copy

Most men take children very lightly. We sometimes consider a child to be naive and sometimes foolish. Experts who have studied
children's behavior in detail say that a man has to have the highest maturity when dealing with a child. If someone thinks that children do not know anything, then no one else is as stupid as him. The child understands everything. Yes, young children can't express, but they are all aware. An international seminar on parenting was recently held in the United States. An important point in this seminar was the consequences of lying to children and the mentality of children if they lie.

You want your child not to lie? So first think about how much you are lying to your child. The whole world knows that children learn everything by watching their parents and family. Another thing is that children also understand how my parents are! If you believe that you are lying to a child and you don't know it, then you are eating sugar. A study in Britain says that even a two-and-a-half-year-old child finds out that my parents are lying. Not only with the child, the child will know if you are lying to someone else. When you say something wrong, do you get the idea that your child listens to everything? The man now speaks on the most wrong mobile. I'm not at home. I'm in a meeting. At home we stretch our legs and watch a cricket match or a serial and say we are at work, then talk quietly. The child soon realizes that the parent is lying. In many cases, you may have seen the child say, "Why are you lying?" We often talk about children in such a way that, no matter what the children believe, it will reveal our poll at any time! Yes, that's right, but have you ever wondered why a child does that? The biggest reason for that is that it is true. It speaks the truth. Not only do we mislead the child, but they also find out if we are being rude or dishonest. It also forms an opinion about you. When we are big, it doesn't say anything, the rest of the mouths also say that you are wrong. Sometimes a child may feel that he is wrong. If you lie to a child, be prepared that he will start to lie to you. There is nothing wrong with that.

Why do children lie? One thing that has come out is that if the parents treat the child too harshly, the child is motivated to lie. Always be gentle and gentle with the baby. If you keep annoying the children, the child will start lying in his own defense. If something went wrong, if something was broken, he would say, I didn't do it. It will sometimes name someone else. He knows that if I tell the truth, he will kill me or make me angry. This is what happens when you say, "It's OK" when something breaks with a child. Take care a second time. Appreciate your child if he or she is right, even if it is a mistake. Tell him we like what you said. Sometimes we are even stingy in praising the child.

Raising children today has become more difficult than ever before, every parent has said so at times. That is not entirely wrong. However, it is not the children but today's parents who are responsible for it. Some parents are not saying that we do not know how to raise a child. The fault lies with our own eyes and we see the child as the culprit. With good schools and adequate facilities, parents seem to believe that we are doing everything for our children. We are doing everything for the child, not just understanding it. If we want to make a child good, we have to be good first.
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