Thursday, July 9, 2020

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More than two hundred children have rallied in front of their
parents in the German city of Hamburg. These kids were shouting, "We're here, we're loud, we're loud because you're looking at your mobile phones." You stick with your mobile phone all day so we have to do that. The children had posters in their hands. It said, play with us, not with a smart phone. Give us your time. We need you. Seven-year-old Emil Rusting led the rally. "This is a message to every parent in the world to stay away from mobile phones and play with your children," he told the rally. Video clips of the children's rally are now being uploaded by celebrities around the world on their social media, saying, "Listen to these children with open ears." 

Several organizations, including the University of Michigan, are organizing programs about children's rallies. Citing a survey and research citing the effects of parents' mobile addiction on their children, he says, "If you want the best for your children, use your mobile phone well enough."
The video of this children's rally has gone viral. This children's movement is getting support from all over the world. A large number of parents are saying, we take your point seriously. We are now alert. If you look carefully and think, one thing will fly away and catch your eye that something like this has happened to us even there. As soon as the parents get married, they immediately sit down with their mobile phones. At that time, he does not pay attention to what his son or daughter is doing. Young children can't say anything to their parents so they keep quiet. The situation is a little different when we are there. Even small children are sitting with mobiles. The parents hold the mobile in their hands so that the children do not cause any trouble. Many parents even say that our father or our baby is so smart that he starts playing the game he wants to play on his own. How smart is today's generation? No parent thinks that by doing so we are digging deep into our children. Some children only eat if they are given a mobile phone in hand and turn on the cartoon. Some parents hold a mobile phone in the boy's hand to keep the child quiet when the guest arrives.

It is a well-known fact that children learn everything by watching their parents. If you want your child not to become a mobile addict in the future, you should avoid using the phone in front of him. Just think, how much time do you give to your children? How much do you know what kind of mentality they are going through right now? When was the last time you played with her How often do you use a mobile phone in front of children?

American University of Michigan, C.S. Research by Mott Children's Hospital and Lenois State University has found that parents who overuse digital technology are more likely to have a negative attitude towards their speech and behavior. It happens to the child that my parents ignore me. We don't care. Such children grow up to be against their parents. Children also suffer from depression due to parental neglect. It makes you feel extra. Avoid using children, not just mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers or any other digital devices. The study also found that many parents look at their mobile phones while eating. The children do not like it at all. Certain hours of the day must be family time.

A research paper was presented by the University of British Columbia at the last annual conference of the American Psychological Association. "The biggest concern today is that communication between parents and children is declining," it said. Some students of the university had bad behavior in class. A study of why students behave in this way revealed that their parents were stuck with their mobiles. If the child went to ask him anything, he would tease him. The effect was on the children. The only thing to think about is that we don't do this somewhere? Beware if you are constantly sitting at home with a mobile phone, otherwise your children will be adversely affected. Keep children away from mobiles, you can only do that when you yourself are away from mobiles. If you don't do this, it is likely that your children will one day take a stand against you and say, "It's over now." Pay a little attention to us too. If you want a better future for your children, take a look at your present. Your habit can spoil children.
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