Friday, July 3, 2020

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What is the overall image of man in your mind? What is a man
like? We also have some glands in our minds about man. Some people think that man is selfish, man is mean, man does kalavala when he has his own work, he employs others when he has work, people who hold high positions consider themselves as something, in addition man is not trustworthy at all. ! How do we react when we talk to a stranger for a reason? There are so many people in the world. We all seem to have nothing in common. We deal with very few people. The number of people with whom I have daily contact or dialogue is very small. We also have an image of the people around us. We have a knot in our mind that this man is just like that!

One girl got a new job. She went to his office for the first time. Going to the reception area, he questioned a young man coming from the front. Where did the HR department come from? The boy looked in front of her. He said very rudely, are you illiterate? Don't understand anything? Don't see this sign board? Take a look around! The arrow here just hits where the HR department is. The young man twisted his mouth and walked away! It happened to that girl, alas! This man is weird! Excited without a reason! When the job started, he found out that the boy was also working in the office. The girl turns her mouth whenever she meets the boy! No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise. The brain has escaped! Once it happened that I had to talk to him for office work. The girl went to the boy's desk. "I want to know the details of these correspondents," he asked. The girl said, this will talk to Vaidai right now. The boy said, Sit down. He explained the smallest detail nicely from his computer! The girl said thank you as she left! The boy said, "Wait a minute, the gland you have tied in your mind about me, get rid of it!" I'm not rude! Listening to me, you understood me rudely, why didn't you understand that this man's words are true! Was i wrong We all do the same. We form an opinion about someone and then live with that opinion!

Man also builds beliefs about those with whom he does not have a leaf. We also have an image in our minds about celebrities! This artist is coming, he is like that, we hit everyone on the forehead without any good or bad experiences! Man does not even think generously or generously about man! Not every man in the world is bad. Not all good either. There are all kinds of people in this world. The question is how do we guess it! What are our thoughts about humans? We see the world through our eyes. That is why we have to think the most. Whatever we believe, whatever we think, whatever we assume, whatever we do is going to have the greatest impact on us. We are the ones who are burning when we are blabbering on about someone. The man with the sama often doesn't even know that this is what he thinks of me!

The world as a whole remains the same as we understand it. Good people like everything. The reason is that it is good in itself. There is also a habit of thinking. Many people find fault with others. Objections are also found. No one is perfect. In all, there must be some defect or defect. There must also be something that is noble, unique and supernatural. This is the story of a young woman. She lived with her husband and in-laws. One of the girl's sisters comes to her house from time to time. Also talk to the sister's mother-in-law. He once said to his sister, "Your mother-in-law is very strange." All arbitrators do. What did you do, why is everything, keep asking such questions! Hearing this, the young lady said, no, it is not like that. My mother-in-law does nothing to fight or learn. It is more than your worries. He has asked me many times, is your sister okay? Even if you haven't come in a few days, he asks, why hasn't your sister appeared yet? Isn't that a problem? You don't think so, that's fine. How do we react when someone speaks about our people? It is also our responsibility to ensure that the image of our people is not tarnished. We often say ha ha to others. Sometimes we give our silent consent. The truth must be told when it comes to someone. Many people have a tendency to speak ill of others.
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