Monday, September 7, 2020

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 Life is for living. Life should be lived to the fullest. So everyone in the world knows this.

Everyone has to live their life happily. The question is, how many people really live life to the fullest? How much time do we waste in complaining and regretting? Where can we have fun even when it is time to have fun? Something, some event, some instinct dominates us so much that we can't live what we want to live. Someone asks you, are you satisfied with the life you have lived so far? So what do you answer? It is natural to expect something to happen in life, to prove something or to live a long life but the question is how long do we live today to realize the dreams of tomorrow? When can a person reach a state where I have lived my life happily, no regrets if anything ever happens. No regrets!

There are certain events in the world that make us think, is this really possible? Now there is a similar incident in Belgium which has made even those who define life think. Ninety-year-old Lady Suzanne Hoilerts developed a fever. The throat was irritated and there was a cough. Corona's test revealed that he was positive for Corona. Treatment continued at the hospital. The speed of breathing was slowly slowing down. Even if oxygen is given, the speed of breathing does not increase. You have to take it on a ventilator, the doctors said. Hearing this, Suzanne said very lightly, "Let the ventilator stay for some young man, I have a very good life!" The doctors were also amazed to hear Suzanne speak. Suzanne died just days after the incident. In the meantime Suzanne never complained, never expressed any regrets! There was a look of satisfaction on his face, there was peace. Relaxed he left his body. Suzanne knew that her life would not be possible without a ventilator, but she said, "Keep it for a young man who has yet to live." When the doctors talked to Suzanne about her daughter Judy, Judy said, "My mother was something different!" Generous, kind and cheerful!

We hear some people there saying that they are not worried about death tomorrow. My whole farm is green. It is one thing to be anxious and quite another to be content with life. We call fulfilling responsibilities life. This is also a good thing, but many people say that it doesn't matter if they die after dying on the road all their lives. There are very few people who say that they have lived with Jalsa all their lives. The meaning of Jalsa is also understandable. Jalsa does not mean profit, Jalsa does not mean to be careless towards everyone else, Jalsa does not mean to run away from all responsibilities, Jalsa means to live life well, to feel life! It is not like smiling every time, sometimes even wet eyes express the wholeness of life.

It also happens that after reading Suzanne's story, she was ninety years old. The question is, will we be like that? It is possible that she will have enough to live comfortably, here we have to face all the challenges. We are looking for excuses even in such things. More important than how old you are and how many years you have to live, are you satisfied with the life you are living today? If there is no satisfaction today, to be a little at the last moment of life? Another thing is, does anyone know how long life is? One thing is also done, live every day as if it is the last day of life! Is there any need to think like this? Why think last day? The truth is, live life to the fullest without thinking of anything else. Most of the time, as people get older, there are more and more complaints that I have been stumbling all my life, I am worn out for all. I did it for everyone but now everyone turns their backs on me. No one was killed. Man's mentality can reach the level of spirituality only if life is lived on a daily basis. Can you live a life without any stress? If the answer is yes then you are a saint, a mahatma and a great man! Welcome to life, smile, be relaxed, make mistakes, forgive those who have done wrong, apologize if you have made a mistake. Decide that I don't want to waste my life but want to live. Life is all about standing with your arms outstretched, a little closer to it, it's just waiting to meet you

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