Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Result of UPSC Training Class Entrance Examination conducted by SPIPA on 11/10/2020

Every man has a nature. Every man has a ‘type’. We often say that he is a very strange type of man. How is human nature formed? Thus it is said that its upbringing, its background, its circumstances and its condition are made by nature. There is nothing wrong with that, but at the same time it is true that the nature of man's experiences is what makes him. We all have a little bit of good, a little bit of narcissism, a little bit of sweetness, a little bit of bitterness every day. Experiences leave something in us. Experiences are planting something in us. What is planted and what grows out of it becomes our belief or mentality. It is on this basis that we decide this good, this bad, this right, this wrong, like this, like this, not like this. Everyone also has their own concepts of sin and virtue.

It is not necessary that our ideas meet with every man. Not all people are 'our type'. Do we ever think, what kind of man am I? If I like something, why do I like it? If I don't like anything, what's the reason? Is the reason true or false? We don't think much of it. Everyone has the right to follow their own beliefs. One of the most important reasons why our relationships do not last is that we cannot accept anyone's beliefs. We want everything we like and want.

This is the story of a family. A family of three. Husband, wife and son. The husband had a good job. The income was also okay. Husband's nature is very stingy. Even if the skin is broken, it does not loosen. The son grew up. Its demand began to grow. Father does not give money in a jiffy. The son once said to mom, I don't understand Daddy's nature. He has money but his life does not work when he uses it. If not, it is understandable, but if it is, then why is it so stingy? I can't even breathe from him! Mom said, if son, it's like that. You can't change them. After I got married, it seemed to me that this man was very greedy. Gradually, I realized that this was his nature. I never tried to change them. Except for one thing, how much better is everything in Emma! We sometimes try to measure it from a fraction of man’s nature. Man should be seen from many sides, not from one side. The mother said, "Your daddy's nature will not change, because of your beliefs about him, otherwise you will start to misunderstand your daddy." Every man has one or two things that are not good, but they do not make him bad!

Many times we measure a person by the amount of money he uses. There are many people around us whose money does not come out of their pockets. If you want to use something, use it very thoughtfully. We're even talking about tying it up and taking it all away! What is the use of spending money for oneself for others? It is difficult to use many rupees. He rips it out and pulls the wallet out of his pocket. We form different opinions about people from such a nature. There was a group of friends. A friend keeps everyone partying, invites everyone, has fun. It was also a favorite of all as it cost money for everyone.

Once, when we talked about it, another friend said, "Dude, his life is too big!" Another friend said, What does it mean to be big? Just using money makes life bigger? Yes, they all have good money. Keeps giving gifts to everyone. Wherever he goes, he brings something for everyone. Not in that, but is it anywhere else? It doesn't come even if someone else has a small party! True friendship is to be together in every situation. I don't mind, but the definition of being big is different. Life is not measured by money, life is measured by its humanity, its generosity and its generosity!

There were two begga. The two were sitting outside a religious place. Even though it was late in the morning, neither of them got a single rupee in begging. Suddenly a sister came. He gave a loaf of bread to a beggar. He was hungry. Before he started eating the bread he halved the bread and gave it to the beggar sitting next to him. Jiva Kevado is sometimes measured by half a loaf of bread. Our misfortune is that we have also started measuring relationships from a different angle. From how much someone spends behind us, we know how much he cares about us!

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