Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Dy So /Nayab Mamlatdar Bharti Notification 2020

 At one school the teacher asked the students, who do you want to be like? Each student named the person who wanted to advance in the field. I have Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan,

P.T. I want to be like Usha or Narendra Modi. Ronak, a student, stood up and said, "I want to be like Ronak." There is nothing wrong with having an ideal or a role model in life but in the end everyone has to be like themselves. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has never tried to be Sachin Tendulkar nor has Virat Kohli ever tried to play like Dhoni. Everyone has their own style of playing. It's not just about cricket, take any field in the world, people who have proved to be great have made a name for themselves with their unique identity and outstanding talent.

I am me I can't be like anyone else. I can be just like me. For those who have such an understanding, it is easy to decide one's own direction. An incident that just happened is the reason behind such talk. Noah Lyles, 22, of the United States, competed in the World Championships for the first time. He finished the 200m in 19.83 seconds and won the gold medal. 

Liles came number one in the first championship so the media of the world covered Samarkand Bukhara. The media played the guy and said that the world has got another Usain Bolt. Under normal circumstances, if a new player is counted with a great player, he would be happy, but Lyles turned out a little differently. "Please don't compare me to Usain Bolt," Lyles publicly requested. I am Lyles. Bolt's decade is over. Now is my time. I don't know if anyone ever won a gold medal at the first World Championships, but I did. I don't care what anyone does, I know what I have to do.

Lyle's words may make someone feel proud, someone might even say that, brother, you have still won only one gold medal, you are nowhere behind Bolt. Whatever it is, Lyle is right instead. It is possible that Lyle may or may not have respect for Usain Bolt, but he knows that I have to be Lyle.

Keep the goal high, keep doing the great work that no one has ever dreamed of, find out how much and how hard the person who became great in that field was, but in the end, keep it just like your own. Create your own ideals and your own principles. One of the top IAS candidates went to a youngsters' seminar and was asked, "How many hours did you work?" What was your way of reading and remembering? "I will tell you that, but first I have to make it clear to you that none of you follow my style, just adopt your style," said IAS Topper. The reason for saying this is that I did not adopt anyone's style. I worked hard in my own way. Try to make it easy for you to work hard and have fun. If you go to do like me, maybe you will not be like me but you will not be like me.

This is what film actor Naseeruddin Shah said. "After taking acting training at the Film and Television Institute of India and the National School of Drama in Pune, I used to get frustrated when I stood in front of the mirror," he said. It occurred to me that I was tired. I don't have the height of Amitabh or look like Shah Rukh, how can I survive in the film industry? One day I thought, you can't change the look you have and the height you have. You can only do something with the art of acting that you have. Then I stopped working hard and started working hard.

We sometimes find fault with any of us that stand in our way. We have to make our way out of whatever situation we have, whatever circumstances we have and whatever conveniences we have. No one ever has anything perfect. No one can stop him from moving forward. Two things need to be understood in order to move forward. Don't complain about your situation and don't compare yourself with anyone. Just decide that I have to work hard in my own way and I have to be like me.

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