Saturday, November 28, 2020

NMMS Exam Notification 2020 | NMMS PDF

 Life is often fun to take our exams. Life again and again creates a situation in front of us, which makes us confused as to what to do now. To be or not to be? To do or not to do? To say yes or no To go this way or that way?

To support this or to support that? To fall into this or not? Such a question sometimes arises even for speaking. To tell the truth or to tell a lie? We talk a lot about liars there, maybe because every man has lied from time to time. We rarely talk, discuss, or think about the truthful.People who are not in the habit of lying should not lie. The reason is that it gets caught right away. Sattvicism also has a constant. Truth also has an influence. The sacraments also have a brilliance. Our perseverance, our influence and our brilliance are reflected in our speech and our behavior. It fades a bit and is immediately recognizable. Those who live by the truth every day have no recourse to untruth. The road to truth may be rough, but those who are lost on the road do not enjoy the expressway of untruth. There are also people in the world who live a life of drunkenness with their own truth.

When does a man speak wrong? When does it have an advantage? No. It doesn't happen. Anyone who has a habit of lying can lie in every situation and in every circumstance. There is nothing wrong with saying that. There is no difference between truth and falsehood, there is no difference between right and wrong, such people are not trustworthy. Man sometimes has to lie. There are times when we have no choice but to lie. Even in such circumstances, those who hold to the truth have fallen into the world. Whatever happens, whatever seems to happen, I have the advantage or the disadvantage, I will not say wrong. Yet what happens to us when we sometimes have to lie? If your heart does not hurt after telling a lie, understand that my feelings have been corroded.

This is the story of a girl. When she was younger, her parents taught her to never lie! The daughter once asked the father, ‘Why not speak wrong? What happens if we lie? ’The father said,‘ Son, every man has an honesty with himself. The truth is honesty with oneself. Those who are not honest with themselves can never be honest with others. Man's greatest responsibility is to himself. Once the daughter took the chocolate out of the fridge and ate it. Dad found out. The father asked the daughter, ‘Have you eaten any of these chocolates?’ It occurred to the daughter, should I answer? Yes or no? He remembered his father's words, "Don't lie." The daughter said, "Yes, I ate chocolate." The father was happy that the daughter was right. Dad said, ‘Did you tell me the truth or did you not deceive me?’ The daughter said, ‘No, Dad, I did not tell the truth, I told the truth that I did not deceive myself! If I had cheated on you, you would have forgiven me, but could I have forgiven myself? ' Man should never do such a thing that he cannot forgive himself! It happens to us that we have to live with a burden when we cannot forgive ourselves. It is difficult to bear such a burden.

There was a girl. The sacrament of speaking the truth was found in his throat. No matter what happened, she insisted on speaking the truth. The girl grew up. While in college she fell in love with a boy, finished college. The boy got a good job. Eventually the girl spoke at home. The father said, ‘I like this boy.’ The father refused, ‘His caste is different. Its status is also not up to our level. You have to choose between the two. Either that or we! ’The daughter immediately replied,‘ It’s not a question of choice. I have nothing to do with hurting you. ' A few days passed. The daughter was upset. Dad asked him one day, ‘Are you okay? Are you happy? ’The daughter said,‘ Yes, Dad, I am OK. You're right, you're not in the habit of lying! '

The father agreed to marry the daughter to a lover. The father said, "When I rejected you, you said, 'I don't want to hurt you.' Then I asked myself, what is it that makes me sad? I also want to make you sad one day? You have done everything your whole life to be happy, to be happy. It occurred to me, ‘How can your happiness be sorrow for me?’ True relationship, true love, true feeling and true intimacy is the only way to experience happiness in the happiness of your loved one. One should not be selfish even for happiness!

Man swings between truth, untruth and half-truth. Man has an argument as to why he lied. Man seeks logic, argument or excuse to defend himself. We often say, I tell the naked truth. Is the truth naked? Truth itself is an ornament. Truth needs no cover. There is nothing as beautiful as the truth. Only when we speak the truth are we most beautiful, the best, and honest with ourselves. Technology has made untruths easier and easier. How often do we lie on mobile? One brother was sitting at home for a long time. Just call him from the office at the same time

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