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Who is at the center of every man's life? A few people. People we consider our own. These are some of the special ones in their own people. That is the priority of our life. How many

people are on your priority list? Have you ever made a list of them? Not created! The reason is also that it is a memory. The heart is the same. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. There is no list of things to forget. It is a part of life. No need to remember to breathe. It just works. Some relationships are the same. 

Certain relationships we are maintaining. A few relationships we are living with. Some relationships are growing. There are also some athamata. There are a few relationships that are always flourishing in sixteen arts.Not every relationship is going to be permanent either. Relationships that are lost are also a capital of life. That relationship lasts for some time in life. He has given us happiness for some time. There are some.

people in our lives who are gone. How much he has done for us when he was there. Some even go away with a small splash. It is also natural to grow and develop in relationships. The sun rises. The day is over. The night begins. The night does not rise! We never say that if night falls! Night falls. Darkness never grows. Uge e to prakash j hoy! Relationships grow in our lives like light. Spread the light. Enlightens us. We are doing the same. We also want to please those we love, who are close to our heart. We also tell our person that if you are having fun, just do it. Where else do I need it? I do what I do for you.

ધોરણ 2 પાઠ્યપુસ્તક Soft Copy 

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It is said that man is a selfish animal. This is not entirely true. There are people in every man's life who have no interest in him. I don't want anything from him. There were two friends. A friend does everything for his friend. Once his friend asked, I have heard that man does nothing without selfishness. Why do you do all this for me His friend said, there is selfishness in this too! That selfishness is to get nothing from you. That is my interest. I'm glad to have you. Can man be selfish with himself? Maybe there are. Selfishness to be happy by keeping one's people happy! When we do something for our person and the response is not good, we get a little sad or disturbed. Why does this happen? Does it mean that our selfishness is not fulfilled? Of course, there is no such thing as a logic in a love or a relationship. Love, affection, affection, intimacy are beyond all logic, belief and mentality!

Many also have the habit of showing what they are doing. Repeatedly saying that if I do everything for you is an emotional insult. The importance of doing decreases when saying increases. When a lover does anything for his girlfriend, he keeps saying, do it for you, not for anyone else. Not once with a girlfriend. He said, don't do it. Nothing needs to be done for me. Are you kidding me Love should have an understanding of what to express and what to keep unexpressed. The person has to understand that he does it for me. Needless to say everything! Realization is necessary.

It's abou another lover. Both boyfriend and girlfriend lived alone in different places. The boy did not know how to cook. The girl used to make dinner in her room. She would even make a meal for her lover. Deliver meals to the lover every day. Eat with it whenever possible. Lover once said, how much you do for me man! The girlfriend said, if I don't do it for you, who will I do it for? It is also fun to be annoyed for our person when there is love, it doesn't seem annoying at all. We have seen cases where a person who does not work as hard to break a rope is ready to break a whole hill for a special person! Something very special about certain relationships!

There is also something to be careful about doing. This is the story of a young man. He loves his wife very much. His only dream was to give my wife all the happiness. I will fulfill his every wish. He works overtime to buy things he likes for his wife. Also goes to work on Sundays. Work hard day and night. Wife Toye remains sad. Once the husband said, I do so much for you. I want to keep you happy, but there is nothing like happiness on your face! The wife said, "You believe that everything you do is for me, I don't believe it!" The husband was shocked. He asked, "Why are you talking like this?" You want to keep me happy, but you know what makes me happy? Stay with me rather than go to work on Sundays. Give me time Pamper me. Convenience and resources alone do not bring happiness, proximity is the cause of true happiness. He likes everything you do, right? We also need to be aware of our personal happiness. What does he like What should I do, it seems as if it is in the seventh heaven. One of the reasons for breaking up a relationship is that we don't know the reasons for our happiness. That is why we often do not understand why a couple who are living with very small and very few things are happy! It only makes sense to my person what c

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