Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Dreams are a wonderful thing. Sometimes dreams seem out of place. Sometimes it happens that a very simple dream slips out of our hands in a way that we do notunderstand. A building of happiness and success stands in front of us. When the building suddenly collapses, a whirlwind of anguish erupts. It happens to us, what was thought and what happened? At some point I get frustrated that I can't do anything anymore. Man blames fate when hard work does not bring color.

Curves the circumstances.This is the story of a young man. He had to go to medical. Worked hard in teaching. 

Everyone was saying that no one could work as hard as you. Give the exam. The expected marks did not come when the result came. Admission in medical was not possible. It just so happened that everything was over. There is nothing left in life now but darkness. He went to a saint. The saint said, "Everything I did turned the water on again." 
The saint pointed a finger at a farmer couple living in the opposite field and said, "Look carefully at those two. Last year, the two planted crops on their farm. There was good rain after sowing. Both were happy that Mabalakh would be harvested this year. Both of them had dreams of marrying their daughter with a good income. It so happened that the river flooded. The whole farm was submerged. It was not possible to stay on the farm so they came to my hut. I asked, is it very sad? That said, literally all the hard work turned the water back on. If I speak sadly, it is sad. Should also be done. The idea of ​​happiness that was unfulfilled is sad. However, this happens. It keeps happening. Isn't this the first time this has happened? Now let's think anew. The couple fell asleep on the ground at night.

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