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 Dreams are a wonderful thing. Sometimes dreams seem out of place. Sometimes it happens that a very simple dream slips out of our hands in a way that we do not

understand. A building of happiness and success stands in front of us. When the building suddenly collapses, a whirlwind of anguish erupts. It happens to us, what was thought and what happened? At some point I get frustrated that I can't do anything anymore. Man blames fate when hard work does not bring color.
Curves the circumstances.
This is the story of a young man. He had to go to medical. Worked hard in teaching. Everyone was saying that no one could work as hard as you. Give the exam. The expected marks did not come when the result came. Admission in medical was not possible. It just so happened that everything was over. There is nothing left in life now but darkness. He went to a saint. The saint said, "Everything I did turned the water on again." 

The saint pointed a finger at a farmer couple living in the opposite field and said, "Look carefully at those two. Last year, the two planted crops on their farm. There was good rain after sowing. Both were happy that Mabalakh would be harvested this year. Both of them had dreams of marrying their daughter with a good income. It so happened that the river flooded. The whole farm was submerged. It was not possible to stay on the farm so they came to my hut. I asked, is it very sad? That said, literally all the hard work turned the water back on. If I speak sadly, it is sad. Should also be done. The idea of ​​happiness that was unfulfilled is sad. However, this happens. It keeps happening. Isn't this the first time this has happened? Now let's think anew. The couple fell asleep on the ground at night.

Talking to the young man, he said, "Why can't you accept the failure and assume that this failure is the last?" Remember one thing, failure is not in our hands, but frustration is in our hands. You have to decide whether to fail an exam or not. It is true that the water turned back on your hard work, but why do you sit in the water? Failure to do so can be a source of great frustration. The longer I stick to failure, the longer it will take to get rid of it, the more suffering it will cause. When we go on the road and when the diversion comes, you assume that this diversion will never end, then it is our fault. No diversion is without an end!

Not every dream of life comes true. Even with all the hard work and dedication, there is always failure. A young man wanted to be a musician. He left his studies with his father's permission and studied music. Worked hard. After completing my music studies, I didn't get a chance anywhere. Hit a lot, but didn't match anywhere. Frustrated. The father saw his son's condition and asked one day, what is going on? The son said, not paying attention. You trusted me and I could do nothing! "My confidence is still intact," Dad said with a laugh. Your trust is broken. The father spoke for himself. The father was a manager in a bank. Had a good salary. The house was running nicely. Dad said, "Do you think that my life's dreams have come true?" You know, I wanted to be an IAS. I worked hard day and night. I could not clear the IAS exam. I tried my best, but it didn't work out. I thought, am I the only one with whom this has happened? I took the bank exam for the job. IAS worked hard so the bank exam was very easy. I had already passed the blast. Everyone was telling me, you are lucky that you got a job in a bank. Aspiring to be a collector, I became a clerk. However, after that I took another bank exam and became a manager. I am still working hard to become a regional manager. Now think, what if I had been frustrated by the failure of the IAS?

Speaking of which, you have become frustrated very quickly. Where is it all over yet? Secondly, you have learned music to be successful. Not to enjoy! Why associate your skills with success? Pair with your happiness, your happiness and your bliss! Where can you get lost while playing music? You get lost in the stars, the seeker will find you! Music should give happiness. I did not allow you to study music just to be a great musician. I said yes so that you can enjoy your work. Enjoy what you do. Life feels like living to you. Forget success-failure while playing music, take the flute with the cowherd who goes to graze the cows in the village. The flute is played in the garden. No one is listening. He doesn't even play it to listen to anyone. He does it for fun. If you don't enjoy your music, where else can you come from?

The current era is that everyone wants to be a celebrity. Want heaps of likes on social media. The figure of the followers is considered fame. People dream of falling down to take selfies with themselves. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The question is, does it give you? Are you satisfied with whatever your name is? Do you enjoy it Our problem is, we don't enjoy the likes we want, we want more likes than others. Likes are not a criterion of popularity. Everyone wants recognition. The place you want to reach. Work hard for it, everything else will come together. You don't have to go to a village to be popular, just a corner

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