Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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 There is an atmosphere around each of us. Every man also has certain waves. Positivity and negativity are scattered on the face. Some people's very existence is touched. The presence of certain people disturbs us.

There are some places where you want to escape. Our minds tell us, it's not fun, let's get out of here soon. Man is a part of nature. That is why man is affected by all the factors of nature. Something pulls us. Something forces you to go away. Who you live with reveals your instincts, nature and activity.There are some places where the air also shrinks. In such a place we feel suffocated. The nerves of the brain become tense. You mark, when you go to some hotel, restaurant or any other place, it happens that you will not come here again. This is a very real event right now. 

A family went to a restaurant for dinner. The plate was placed before dinner was served. Seeing this plate, the daughter called the waiter. That said, replace this plate. Give another one. Did not come. Other members of the household also said that we did not like this plate either! If the negativity of such an inanimate thing affects then man is animate. Organisms just like us!

When some person does something we don't understand why they do it. What does it have to prove? Suddenly it escapes. When a person with such a nature is with us, we feel an unknown burden. You have to tackle it. When it comes to tackling a relationship, there is bound to be tension. Fun comes only where we can live our way. There is nothing to worry about when you meet someone. No role has to be built before speaking. Free can talk to me. This is the story of a young man. He went to give an interview. He had failed in the previous two interviews. He was under a lot of pressure in this interview. Went to the chamber and the interviewer understood that this young man is very nervous. "Relax before you start talking," he said. There is no pangolin here that will eat you. Talk to a friend. The young man became lighter. He gave all the answers well. Interview completed. "This is the best interview of my life so far," he told the young man. Thank you for everything. After hearing this, the interviewer said, "I was just like you." Getting very nervous. Gradually I realized that the reason I was failing was not my incompetence, but my nervousness. A friend of mine gave me confidence. If it weren't for that, I would probably be scared forever!

Ever wonder the mindset of the person you sit up with? Being with us is also planting something in us. What is planted grows. If acacia is planted, thorns will grow. Something is added inside us every day. What is added? How is it added? How does it grow Everyone should think about it. One society had two bungalows. The two were quite identical. The thing was the same for both. The family living in a bungalow was very happy and happy. The family living in the second bungalow was always in trouble. No one at home felt at peace. A friend of the owner of this bungalow was aware of the matter. Called him once. Why don't you find peace at home? The architect checked every corner of the house. Sit down with the owner. "Every corner of the house is perfect," said the architect. The owner of the bungalow asked, then why isn't there fun at home? The architect said, the thing of the house is right, the thing of the one living in the house is not right! There is guilt in the corner of your mind. You know every man has a thing. We say to some people that their brains are out of place! The thing is that the brain is in the place of the brain. Aura is nothing but what goes on inside us. If there is a change inside, only a change will come out! If everything inside is not good then the outside will never feel good. If a man is cowardly from within, he can only do so. The fragrance spreads only if you have a garden inside. The mind also needs to be groomed. If you don't have fitness, you have to faint. Thanganat grows from within. The true rasa runs within us.

If there is a change in a person, then understand that his company has changed. Change can be good or bad. This is the story of a young man. It never stays the same in the house. He objects to everything. Suddenly his behavior changed three hundred and sixty degrees. It started to stay the same. Believe it all, speak nicely. Seeing his change, one day his father told him, if you have a new friend, bring him home. The son asked, "Why do you think my friends have changed?" Father said, from your behavior! Your demeanor suggests that you are in good company. The son confessed that he had found a new friend. That's very good. I have learned a lot from her. I realized that I was wrong. Think calmly, how much does your behavior affect your friends or those with whom you spend more time? Will be! Our thoughts are influenced by the thoughts of the person with us. That is why it is said, stay away from negative people. If you feel like meeting this man, don't meet him. Keep in touch with those who are calming you down, who are feeling relaxed, whose words are touching. When it happens to us, man, this is true. Stay close to what he says is good. Some people have such an influence, if we get it, there is no lack. Every man is giving us something. That's not the thing

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