Tuesday, December 29, 2020

crc co.ordinator bharti merit list 2020

Hash, the year 2020 is finally coming to an end.

A year that became a nightmare for the whole world. Most of the time a tragic event or mishap is limited to one city or at most one country. It is not uncommon for one event to take the world by storm. The Corona virus, which is invisible to the naked eye and has not yet been fully identified, has been defaming the whole year. The lines said for this year are really very true that, Ajib Sal Hai Yeh, if someone took a dream, someone would take it! It is already being said about this year that when the year 2021 comes, it will be happier that the year 2020 has come to an end than the arrival of that year! An ominous, dangerous, scary year has barely ended. The whole year was like a horror movie. The rising death toll was trembling day by day. The eyes of the whole world were torn when the story of Wuhan of China came out. Everyone's hysteria was gone or hi hi? Little did anyone know at the time that our turn was coming, to be fulfilled at home.

Everyone in the Corona era has their own story. Everyone has experienced Corona directly or indirectly. Some have had an effect that will never be forgotten. After recovering from a corona infection, those who have recovered say that it was even more difficult to stay alone for 14 days than to get out of the corona. Without the crime had to experience imprisonment. When the level of oxygen level went down, the breathing of the relatives would go up. The condition of those whose relatives have been infected with coronary heart disease was not less severe. He had to take care of what happened to Corona and at the same time protect himself from Corona. For those who have lost their loved ones, the year 2020 has come to an end. The biggest anguish was that the person's face could not be seen for the last time or his seat could not be held. The grief of an older sister was that my daughter-in-law did not even get to wear a blanket during the funeral. One sister's husband died of corona. "When I went to the hospital, I had no idea I was going to see his mouth for the last time," he said. The boys got bored of studying online. People of all ages had their own sufferings.

Someone lost their job, someone lost their business. For many, it turned out that everything was ready, only the launch was left, the ship reached shore but the anchor sank before it could do so. Experts in the world have observed that sooner or later the corona will be liberated, the economies will boom again, and the psychological effects of the corona will remain. The worst situation is with women. Women have been hit from all sides. Women had the responsibility to take care of everything when everyone in the house was home during the lockdown. If you ask the mother of the little boys, you will know how much work it takes to get the boys to study online. Working women, on the other hand, have no less problems. One study found that women lost more jobs than men. Mental damage has also reached him more. Many also did not know when the emotional distance in maintaining social distance increased.

At the end of the year, everyone thinks, how did last year go? This time all the years have gone mostly the same i.e. worse. Well, gone is gone. The best way is to forget about last year as soon as possible. The problem is, where is the easy way out? Sociologists say that 2020 is the year to rethink and reinvent. How fair was the way we lived? How much do we need to change because of Corona? There are many things but the most important thing is that our people are with us in the end. The one who has our worries, the one who has kept chewing so that we don't get corona, has saved like a life if it is done. Life has been going on, it has to go on, Corona had a big hurdle, it is also going away. There is a lot that has changed in us during this time. We have all watched the event so closely that life is so unpredictable! All our plans were not done in two hours. The new year will be better than last year. It's just like learning from last year, you don't have to go through a lot. Live happily. Never wait to live, because what is postponed can sometimes be postponed forever. Live in a way that never regrets anything. Happy 2021

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