Wednesday, December 16, 2020

CRC Coordinator Examination Result 2020

 When was the last time you cried Can you cry instinctively when it comes to crying? Man cannot laugh as easily as he can laugh and cry as easily.

There is something wrong with crying. How would I feel if I cried? If I cry, people will think I am weak. Women can cry more easily than men. Her instincts to cry are also responsible for keeping women healthy, beautiful and capable. This is scientifically proven. Men’s crying has been linked to masculinity. If a boy cries, it is ridiculed that he cries like a girl! The reason men are sad, depressed and depressed is because they do not cry when it comes to crying. Tears are also a symbol of empathy. Ten days ago, International Men's Day was celebrated on November 19. Men's Day is not celebrated with much fanfare but a few things happen for sure. The big minus point of men is that it suppresses crying.Last year, on the occasion of International Men's Day, Bharat Ratna cricketer Sachin Tendulkar wrote an open letter to youth and men. "When it comes to crying, cry openly," Sachin wrote. Let the tears flow. Don't hold back when crying in public. 

Tears will make you stronger. Men should not hide their feelings. There is nothing wrong with being in a difficult situation or getting emotional and crying over something sensitive. Crying when there is any tension, any failure, any pain, any pain or any memory is beneficial for health. Many people cannot cry when a relative dies. This is because of the overwhelming shock he feels. When no one cries, that is why it is said, cry as you like. Will cry so will be relieved. Starting from Rudali, the logic behind singing Mursiya is the same, once you cry hyaphat. Whatever the reason, we should cry when it comes to crying, if we don't cry, negativity comes in the mind and brain. Those who can't cry suffer from a variety of mental illnesses, from hypertension to heart disease.

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on the first of November every year. On that day people go to the grave of their relatives and cry remembering them. This tradition has been going on for decades. The logic behind this is to relax by remembering relatives. Many people could not go to the grave this year because of Corona. A crying competition is also held so that people can cry. Crying therapy experiments also take place in many countries. We have a crying club in Surat.

There have been many researches and surveys about crying all over the world. According to an American study, American women cry an average of 3.5 times a month. Men cry an average of 1.9 times a month. There are many benefits to crying. Crying works like a self-correcting system. Tears also get rid of toxins in the body. One study says that a person cures three types of tears. Basal, reflex and emotional. Basal type tears contain a proteinaceous antibacterial liquid that cleanses the eyes. Tears that come out of the eye while chopping onions are considered reflex type. Even if those tears are not painful, those eyes are clean. The third type is the emotional most important. Our emotions release stress hormones along with tears when we cry. Psychological studies say that crying calms our emotions. Crying calms the mind. Stress is reduced. When we cry, the person closest to us tries to calm us down by giving us comfort. It also has a big effect on our mind. There is someone who worries me, someone who feels my pain. It also works like a support system. Mark one thing in ladies. When one woman cries, the other woman cries automatically. Even when calming down, it will calm down by crying.

Those who can cry are closer to life. It is also said about crying that if someone is crying, do not try to calm him down immediately, let him cry a little. Put your hand on her shoulder and don't stop crying. Another thing to keep in mind is that if a boy or a man is crying, don't think that he is weak. Don't cast any spells on him. We all need to remember that when it comes to crying, don't be shy or hold back. There is no need to worry about who will say what or who will think. Not everyone has the ability to cry. People who can cry easily are pure of heart. Yes, crying is different. True crying can lead to good living

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