Saturday, December 19, 2020

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Diwali is knocking. Diwali is a festival of color and light. This time the color has faded a bit and the light has faded a bit. Corona has hit both the mood and the mood. It has been said about festivals that festivals, celebrations, feasts give us a break from routine life. Communicates new energy into our lives. Life teaches you to forget what is gone and move on. There are many wounds that are not easily forgotten. The last few times have witnessed events that man has never imagined. Corona has robbed many relatives. People who have recovered have also gone through a strange mentality. Those who have recovered have also seen their relatives go through difficult times. The whole world went through the same crisis together and is still going on. Bad times teach us to appreciate good times. It has taught us all a lot at this time.

What will be new in the new year this time? Can a little old pain be eradicated? When the new year comes, there is talk of a new year resolution. There are a few common resolutions that are taken every year and even forgotten. The problem with resolutions is that they don't last long. The fun of resolutions is that they inspire change in themselves. People usually take resolutions ranging from food habits to lifestyle changes. Regular in the gym or exercise, be careful in eating and drinking, start getting up early in the morning, decide to stay punctual in everything late, stay away from social media or spend less time on mobile, be more sincere at work , Should focus on his career, all this is thought.

The US and European countries are already thinking and surveying what kind of resolution people will pass when 2021 comes. Besides, what will change this time? Research is still going on, but one guess is that the resolution this time around will be a little different. The reason is Corona. There is a lot of talk about Life After Corona. How much will the world change after Corona? What and what kind of change will come? From work from home to shopping style. The question is, will there be any change in man's perception?

How much will the feelings, love, compassion, kindness, intimacy and other human qualities of a man who considers masks, sanitization and social distance as new normal change? A man with a social distance can easily reduce emotional distance if he wants to. The tragedy is that even emotional distance seems to have increased. People were fed up with their own people by constantly being together during the lockdown. Incidents ranged from domestic violence to depression. Before Corona, the same complaint was heard from the mouths of all the people that there was no leisure. There is no time for one's own people. During the lockdown, a lot of time was suddenly found, in which the man was overwhelmed. Nothing is constantly tolerated by man. Constant proximity is also boring. We don’t even have the habit of constantly being at home. Many who have lost their jobs have not yet recovered. The blow to the business has disrupted the budget.

Well, what was supposed to happen happened. Now what next? How long will we keep the old crying? If there is one thing to learn from a lockdown, it is to live life to the fullest. It is difficult to say when life will take a turn. At the age of living we have seen many say goodbye. We have to be careful that Corona's time does not remain like a cemetery. There is no need to wait for the new year or take any resolution to decide to live like this, one can start from when one assumes, but it is like deciding to live well if the new year comes.

It's like forgetting, forgiving, relaxing, smiling, and so on. There is no point in living with stress. There is no point in regretting what has happened. Man must constantly learn from time to time. There is no teacher like time. One thing everyone has come to understand in these difficult times is that, finally, only their own people are close. Relationships are synonymous with happiness. There is less to remember and more to forget in the past year. If left unchecked. What is to come will be more noble. Tomorrow is good growth. The new year is going to be good. Life is about to be revived in sixteen arts. If we don't do anything else, nothing, just deciding to live happily is enough. The history of the world has witnessed that even the worst time has passed, this time is also about to pass. Decide that even if Diwali gets a little weak because of Corona, don't let the year weaken!

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