Friday, December 25, 2020

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 Man has many questions about his body. Everybody sometimes thinks, is my treatment of my body okay? We make many compromises with ourselves. This is because we cannot fight with ourselves more than once. Even if we fight,
we lose. When it comes to food habit or exercise, we are turning a blind eye. A man who does not deceive anyone else is often deceiving himself. Come on, nothing is going to happen, what is going to happen? How long to live in fear? Sometimes a person has a question like, does it happen to everyone that happens to me? Maybe yes and maybe no! Thus it has been said that everyone's body is unique and prominent. Whose body will react under what circumstances cannot be said. Everyone has a tendency. There are also a lot of confusions when it comes to the body. To have an operation or not? The doctor says that the man is ready for surgery only when there is no other way. Many people do not take medication despite being sick. Medicine hides, throws away or gets lost! Lying or taking medicine! Many times there is a dilemma whether to do so or not. A similar dilemma is being faced by many people in the country and the world right now, whether to get the corona vaccine or not.

Medical fears are called trypanophobia. Many people are afraid of needles while taking injections or vaccines. Even older people, who are not afraid of anyone's father, get pierced with an injection needle. Many die of cataracts when it comes to surgery. Needle phobia is also called needle fear. According to a study, ten percent of people in America suffer from such fears. There are also many studies being done on why such fears are felt. The dangers of vaccines include two things. There is a fear of eating needles and at the same time many people are afraid that there will be no side effects. Even in the news of the vaccine trial, many people were interested to know whether the person who took the vaccine during the test had any adverse effect. Korona was infected even after we got the vaccine from Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij Corona there. After the news broke, the vaccine company had to make it clear that it was not necessary for the antibody to be ready immediately after the vaccine was given.

Three former presidents, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, have announced that they will be vaccinated together so that people in the United States are not afraid to be vaccinated. The incident will be telecast live when they receive the vaccine. The reason for doing so is that, a survey was conducted in America about the corona vaccine. People were asked about the vaccine by the survey agency Gallup. During the survey, 40 percent of Americans expressed any fears or doubts about the vaccine. US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have said during a television show that there is no need to be afraid of getting vaccinated. "We are ready to take the vaccine," they said. Russia has put Corona's Sputnik vaccine on the market. The Sputnik vaccine was given to the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin to give the country and the world confidence in Russia's vaccine.

Various treatments are used to eliminate needles and other medical related fears. It makes extensive use of cognitive behavioral therapy. This psychotherapeutic treatment, abbreviated as CBT, attempts to overcome negative thoughts and overcome fear. Self help also plays an important role in overcoming the fear of needles. We have to counsel our mind that nothing is going to happen, nothing will die in the needle, there will be less pain than an ant bite. Fear is also a wonderful thing. We all know that most fears are mental. Is everything true but it seems scary? Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. What happens to the body heals very quickly, it gets better, what happens to the mind seems to fall into place. People who fear needles and other medical treatments often deliberately delay treatment. Some people go for treatment only when they have to go free. Many do not even talk to their personal person when something happens. Psychiatrists consider it dangerous. It is often too late to delay treatment. Get rid of all kinds of fears and don't hesitate to seek the advice and treatment of a psychiatrist if they do not come out of you!

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