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ગુજરાતી ભાષા શિક્ષણમાં મૂલ્યાંકન | પ્રશ્નોનાં પ્રકાર

 A language learned from only one mother tongue, but not only the speaker's strong and home language, i.e. the first language at the time of editing, but also its importance and the speaker's ability to adapt to its linguistic and communicative aspects. For example, if a language school announces
That all his teachers are native English speakers, we will learn later if we still have some vague childhood memories when they learned to speak to their mothers in English, even though they grew up in some non-English speaking countries and only in another language The same is true. In translation theory, the claim is that one should only translate into one's mother tongue, the fact that one should only translate into one's first and dominant language.

"Because of the ambiguity of the word, some researchers have claimed that the different meanings of the word 'mother tongue' differ according to the purpose of the word and the difference in understanding the word goes far and often politically."

(N. Pokorn, Challenging Traditional Forms: Translation into Non-Mother Tongues.Culture and mother tongue- "It is a mother tongue language community, a language spoken in the region, a person's growing up in a specific system of linguistic perceptions of language and participating in the centuries-old history of linguistics. Production."

(W. Tulasiviz and A. Adams, "What is a Mother Tongue?" Teaching a Mother Tongue in a Multilingual Europe., Continuum, 2005)

- "Cultural power When the choice of people who accept the American people in their choice of language, accent, dress, or entertainment is uncertain, no American speaks and restricts their mother tongue influence." As the call center does, it Hoping to get a job, it just seems to be an Indian dialect, seems more distracting and frustrating. '

(Anand Giridhardas, "America sees Little Return from Knockoff Power." "The New York Times, June 4, 2010)

Beliefs and ideologies.The concept of "mother tongue" is thus a mixture of mythology and ideology. The family is not necessarily the place where languages ​​spread, and sometimes we observe a break in transmission, often translated by a change in language, which children acquire as first. Language that dominates the environment

The event. . Concerned about all multilingual situations and most of the migration situations. "

(Louis Jean Calve, Towards Oncology of World Language. Politics Press, 2006)

Top 20 mother tongues

"The mother tongues of more than three billion people are twenty, in the current order of precedence: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Javanese, German, Wu Chinese, Korean, French, Telugu. , Turkish, Tamil, Vietnamese, and Urdu.English is the language of the digital age, and those who use it as a second language can bring its native speakers in numbers by its millions. People use the tongues of their ancestors for the dominant language of the majority of their region. Abandonment.Experienced benefits are provided, especially the use of the Internet is disseminated and rural youth turn to cities

But with their numerous arts and cosmology for participation the loss of languages ​​has been eliminated, resulting in consequences that are not reversible until the end.

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