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 Elevation of 11,587 feet and temperature of minus 20 degrees. There is a deployment of

150 engineers and machines like Boomer, Drill Jumbo. All these exercises are to cut the mountains in the Kashmir Valley and lay a network of tunnels so that people can easily move from Srinagar to Ladakh in every season. At the same time, military and armaments can be quickly delivered to the border areas.The project is gaining omentum amid ongoing tensions with China. It can be estimated from the fact that 6.5 km in Sonmarg. More than 70 officials are monitoring the progress of the long Z mode tunnel work. Excavations are underway at 8 sites simultaneously to meet the three-year target in one year. Working 24 hours in two shifts. About 70% of the work is done. The tunnel will cross the avalanche areas of the Srinagar-Leh National Highway and connect Sonmarg with Gagangir. The Rs 2,378-crore two-way tunnel will allow Sonmarg's resort to remain open all year round. The project started in May 2015 but stopped working in 2018 due to financial crisis in the company.

Apco Infratech received the project in 2019 and started work in July 2020. A bridge and

approach road will connect the tunnel to the longest (14.5 km) under-construction Jozilla Tunnel in Asia. All this together will ensure year-round connectivity for Ladakh. The Jojila tunnel will connect Srinagar, Dras, Kargil and Leh. The distance of 20 km of Srinagar-Leh highway on Jojila pass section will be reduced. Considering the danger of avalanches on this 20 km road, the vehicle moves slowly. The road is closed for six months in the cold. The three-and-a-half hour interval will then be completed in 15 minutes. In the first part of this tunnel 2.5 km. The long tunnel will be built this year. The entire tunnel is to be completed in 2024.

"Within two months of receiving the tender, we have started work from both Baltal and Minimarg," said Prashant, DGM, MEIL, which is constructing the tunnel. To save time we are looking for a third place for excavation using satellite. However, due to heavy snowfall, work from Minimag has been stopped. The bulldozer operator trying to start a machine at 11 a.m. says we've been trying to start this bulldozer for 3 hours but it doesn't turn on in this cold. The tunnel is being constructed using the New Austrian tunneling method. It explodes and loosens stones.

The Jozilla will be the longest (14.5 km) two-way tunnel in Asia45 lakh tonnes of debris will be generated during construction, which is equivalent to about 4.2 lakh truck loads.The project is worth Rs 4,509 crore. The company will be able to get 10% bonus if it completes ahead of time.With 33,000 tones of steel, 4,250 tonnes of explosives and 3.5 lakh metric tonnes of concrete will be required.

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