Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Professor Assistant Recruitment Announcement Date Change

12,344 teachers-professors will be recruited in the government-granted educational

institutions educating the future of Gujarat from Std-1 to graduation level. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama on Wednesday announced the start of the process immediately after Diwali.

There will be recruitment of 3000 Vidya Sahayaks in Primary Education, 7518 Teaching Assistants in Secondary-U.M. The Education Minister said that a massive recruitment drive has been planned after certifying the new roster register with the implementation of 10 per cent reservation for the economically weaker backward class-EBC. Recruitment process for fixed salary vacancies will start after Diwali. Government and Granted Second

ary-U.M. The last recruitment process for educational institutions was in the year 2016 with 6316 teaching assistants. However, only 4063 were appointed. Colleges in the field of higher education will be recruited for a total of 1826 vacancies with 134 principals, 1004 faculty assistants and 688 non-academic staff in class-3. The last major enrollment in higher education was in 1999.

Instead of filling the vacancies of teachers and professors in educational institutions for a long time, the education department is imparting education to the students of Gujarat with traveling teachers and professors. After repeated agitations, the government has had to decide on the above recruitment. Now everyone is looking at how long it takes to complete the recruitment process.

The government has repeatedly delayed the payment of real salaries if it employs migrant teachers as an alternative to the recruitment of permanent teachers. With a view to getting salaries before Diwali, 7331 traveling teachers working in grant-aided schools and 964 working teachers in government schools have been given Rs. 43.37 crore. Traveling teachers are paid a salary of Rs 13,700 per month.

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