Monday, February 8, 2021

ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક ગ્રાન્ટેડ -ઉમેદવારોનું જનરલ લિસ્ટ | Higher Secondary General List

  India, also known as Hindustan, is a great country. There are many opinions behind the

name of this country. According to one of them, Indus Valley Civilization has got its name
Hindustan due to its origin in this country. Bharat Bhumi is also known as the birthplace of the Aryans. For this reason, Arya Samaj was also established here.India is an agricultural country. The main occupation here is agriculture. 80 percent of India's population lives in villages. The geographical situation of India is different in every direction. Somewhere the snow-clad mountain peaks, the sea somewhere, the desert somewhere and the plateau somewhere make India a mixed country of many geographical conditions.

The country ruled India for 300 years, but even then the country of India retained its culture. However, in many places Indian culture can also be seen in Indian culture. Before the British, the Mughals also ruled this country, so many other countries also had an influence on Indian culture. But it is the specialty of India that people of different religions live here. So my country is great.

India is a country of unity among many. Although there are many beliefs when the name of

the country is India, but according to one main belief, the country of India was named after Bharata, son of King Dushyant. India is not a new country but it is so old that ancient civilizations like Harappa and Mohenjodaro have also started from here. For this reason, it is counted among the oldest civilizations in the world. India is a country where people of every caste and religion live.

The culture and traditions of this place are famous all over the world. Foreigners respect our culture very much and come to India to see and understand it. In India, not only gods and goddesses, but also animals, birds, trees, plants, rivers, mountains etc. are worshiped. It is a means to understand that without these resources no country can progress and not be great. Can be made.

Today India's population is more than 100 crores. There are 25 states and 6 union territories in this country. Where people of many religions and societies live with brotherhood. The national language of India is Hindi. The national song here is Vande Mataram. India's national bird is peacock and national animal is tiger.

If you want to enjoy different seasons and geographical conditions, then you must visit your country before traveling abroad. They are all present here whether it is a mountainous and snowy site, the beauty of the south, the desert land or dense forest, the Gangetic plains or the plateau, the sea or the rivulet rivers. What is not here? There is no such gift of nature which is not in the country of India.

In the past, India was also called the golden bird and that is because this country was full of various natural resources. For this reason many other countries used to come to India and do their business from here and that too when systematic routes were not available. They used to bring the goods of their country with them and sell them here and take them to their country.

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