Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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 The biggest thing about man is that every man is different. Our habits, habits, habits, likes, dislikes, beliefs, thinking, speech, behaviors, from laughing, speaking and walking, differ from one another. We
are all different which is why we all need to adjust. The vision of two people looking at the same place may be different. There is diversity in every aspect of nature. The texture of the earth is very different. The color of the sky keeps changing. The speed of breathing fluctuates. Facial expressions keep changing. Nothing stays the same. We are not the same today as we were yesterday. Tomorrow is not what we are today. Life has to be refreshed as the mood changes from day to day.

To understand and accept relationships we need to be aware of the changes that take place in us every day. To enjoy is to know and keep knowing. As we change every day, so do the people around us. One of the reasons for the distance between two people is that the changes that take place in both of them are in different directions. Slowly the hand moves and we don't even feel it. Gradually the person disappears and at one point disappears as soon as he appears. This is the story of a girl. She had been in a relationship with a boy for five years. Suddenly one day he felt that nothing was happening in this relationship anymore. He decided to break up. Her friend asked, ‘Why did you suddenly decide to be different?’ The girl said, ‘No, this is not sudden. What we suddenly feel is not sudden. It started a long time ago. Slowly something dries up. 

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The craving is diminished, the thirst is quenched, the passion is worn out. That was different before. Anna had a passion. There was a rumble in the voice. There was a rush and readiness. What used to happen by running is no longer happening by walking. 'Her friend said,' Doesn't something happen to you too? ' If something seems to be drying, the other fills it, if it seems to go away, the other holds the other hand. When everything is understood in the blink of an eye, even when it is not understood by saying, it should be understood that now we are moving away from each other. If we do not get water every day, even the plants dry up. Love also has to be irrigated.

Love, marriage and relationships need to be monitored every day, because they are new every day. There was an elderly couple. So much love between the two. Once a young couple asked him, ‘How do you stay the same every day?’ The old couple laughed and said, ‘Who says we stay the same every day? We remain just like us. Just be careful that I get a little bit like that every day and a little bit like me every day. For our individual we do not need to change completely, only a few need to be like that. We didn't know when we were going to be the same! 'The old man began to ache every morning. The wife did not say anything for a few days. Finally one day she said to her husband, ‘Don’t worry about me so much that your body hurts every day!’ You know, if I change sides, it will lose sleep. I can't sleep so you sleep on one side! The body is so sad! Did you know? Even if the person does not change his side for the sake of changing his side and his sleep is blown away, he is going to fall asleep! Why didn’t he turn around today? ’For his own sake, a man wakes up a little bit even in his sleep. When it is cold, it is blown away without any effort.

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