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TAT પરીક્ષા ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક Syllabus | TAT Exam Syllabus -Higher Secondary

 Man has to work for many of his needs. It is natural to get tired after labor. Apart from this, when he is

troubled by life struggles and worries, he wants to forget them and find a way to get rid of them and he resorts to entertainment. The tired mind and brain get support from Manoranja, a new energy is given and for a moment the person forgets about fatigue and anxiety.

The need for entertainment and its importance - Human beings have been in need of entertainment since primitive times. Tired of life struggle, a human wants to find a means by which both his body and mind can become cheerful and he can get full of new energy. Actually life becomes dull without entertainment. In such a situation he does not feel like working and neither person gets desired success in work. In such a situation, the need for entertainment becomes uncertain.

Means of entertainment in ancient times - Neither man had developed so much in ancient times nor the means of entertainment. He lived much closer to nature and animals. In such a situation, his means of entertainment were also around nature and these pets. He used to raise birds and birds such as parrot, myna, pheasant, dog, sheep, ox, cat, pigeon etc. and used to entertain himself by fighting pheasants, chickens, sheep (male) buffalo, bulls etc. He also entertained by hunting. Apart from this, wrestling entertained through fighting, drama, gimmick, circus etc. Apart from this, on the occasion of festival and other events, he used to enjoy by singing and dancing.

The area of ​​entertainment could not remain untouched due to the development of civilization and amazing discoveries of science. Nautanki of ancient times, other forms of dance and singing came to us in an excellent form. Due to this, changes in the arrangement and presentation of the play staged increased the attractiveness of the plays. Due to playback singing, even now the drama could not maintain its original form but the plays are successful in attracting the audience. People entertain them full in theaters. Cinema is the most powerful and popular means of entertainment of the modern era. It is the first choice of all age groups. In addition to being inexpensive and universal, it is an instrument that miraculously presents imaginary events that have a magical effect on our minds and we are lost in a different world. The films shown on this take us into Kalpanaaloka.

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