Monday, March 1, 2021

ધોરણ 1 થી 2 નું માર્ચ મહિનાનું હોમ લર્નિંગ ટાઈમ ટેબલ જાહેર | Home Learning Time Table std.1 -2

 Let's start with a true story that just happened. The young man, who has an MBA from a reputed management institute, got a job offer from an American company. The young man

declined the offer. His friends said, "You are a fool." Want to go to America and think a little? He said to the young man, why? What is buried there? One of my relatives living in the United States said that if he has an income of one and a half lakh per month in India and has a house, he should stay in India. There is nowhere more fun than in India. Everyone is saying that if we go to America, we will cross the river, standard 1-2 Home Learning Table march 2021 Downoad PDF.but that is not the case. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. It's fun to live where family and friends are. Most of the people are ready to leave the country if they get the rest of the opportunity!

According to a recent report released by the United Nations, 18 million people in India live in different parts of the world. India tops the list of migrants. After India, Mexico is second with 1.18 crore and China is third with 1.07 crore. 6.3 million people of Pakistan live in other countries. 35 lakh people of our country live in UAE, 27 lakh people live in USA, 25 lakh people live in Saudi Arabia. There will be hardly any country, including Britain, African countries, where Indians have not arrived. Looking at the plus points of this fact, the biggest thing is that Indians living abroad send Rs 5 lakh crore to the country every year. It takes courage to migrate. Going to a completely unfamiliar country and mixing a box is like extracting water from a stone. 

Indians have gone abroad for ages, not just now, to earn and make a name for themselves. There are also many cases where two leaves have been left empty handed. The British took Indians to African countries to lay railway tracks and do other labor work. Most of these third or fourth generation people now live in Dom Dom Sahyabi in African countries. Indians come forward everywhere because of their hard work. They do not look at the clock while working. He gets the job done. Anna has a wonderful knack for paving the way. If we go abroad and make the name of the country bright, we Gujaratis have more number of Punjabis than other states.

In many previous cases of migration, compulsion was the reason behind leaving the country. If there is no opportunity in the country and if there is a match abroad, to leave. Now the cases of those who go are a little different. Now more cases of brain drain are seen. After studying in our country, the youth go abroad. Sometimes the question arises, if talented people had stayed in the country instead of going abroad, where would our country be today? Of course, there are also arguments against it, where is the value of a clever man in our country? Here, those who have access are arranged in good places. Even if you come forward with your hard work, people are still ready to pull your strings. India's system is bad. Abroad you are appreciated. Get good money Even if you come to India from abroad, your respect increases. This is not entirely wrong but not entirely true. If that were the case, the country would not have reached the level it is today. Even there, now there are opportunities for those who have gone abroad to keep coming back. There has also been a tremendous improvement in the working atmosphere, ranging from lifestyle. The brain gain trend has started but it is very slow.

Everyone has the right to decide where to live, what to do, to stay in the country for the development and service of the people or to go abroad to earn money. The urge to go abroad is another question. We see many cases where some people go abroad to grieve in spite of everything in the country. This is a very true case. A doctor's father educated his son and made him a gold medalist doctor. Her own hospital was also ready for her son. When his son got to go to America, he left everything and went away. His father said that he had lived his whole life in peace and that it was gone. There is a song in the movie 'Naam' like 'Chithi I Hai, I Hai, Chitti I Hai…'. There is a line in the song that says, ‘Desh paraya chod ke aa ja, panchi pinjra tod ke aa ja, aa ja, umra bahot he chhoti, apne ghar mein bhi hai roti!’ Everyone has their own pain and everyone has their own feelings. Someone longs to go abroad, someone longs for the country after going abroad. What is there is not here, what is here is rare there. Everyone has their own beliefs and mindsets about whether to go abroad or not. Congratulations to those who feel right and those who feel wrong. By the way, if you get a chance, will you go abroad or not?

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