Friday, March 5, 2021

ગ્રાન્ટેડ ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક 3-3-2021 ની અપડેટેડ જગ્યાઓ સુધારા સાથેનું લિસ્ટ

 Our relationships are a major source of our happiness and sorrow. Relationships are a wonderful thing. Relationships that are extremely happy can sometimes be unbearable. The happiness of a relationship is supernatural. The pain of a relationship is hard, harsh, hard work, unbearable and melts our very existence. The biggest problem with relationships is

that maintaining a relationship is not just in our hands. The person in the relationship has as much stake in the relationship as we have. Not everyone understands the responsibility of participation and partnership. The scales of a relationship sometimes tilt to one side. At such times a storm of questions has arisen. Why did that person change so much? Why don't I care now? Why is the one who used to hate me every moment now indifferent to my hours and my days? Gradually doubts are added to these questions. Is he no longer interested in the relationship? Has a new person come into her life?

Sometimes we can't ask questions. It is scary to ask questions. What if the answer is contrary to our expectations? Somewhere it will say that now I am not interested in this relationship? When someone comes into our lives, we assume that this relationship is forever. Someone gets so close that we feel like they have a relationship with Bhavabhav. There is something to be gained from the last birth. The same person sometimes gets away with a jerk. Those who can read our thoughts then do not even hear our voices. Echoes are created when we shout and do not shout. Some silences are ear-splitting. Peace is also sometimes laughing. The delicate veins of the heart break with explosions.

ખાલી જગ્યાઓનુ અપડેટ લિસ્ટ 

વિષયવાઇઝ જગ્યાઓનુ લિસ્ટ 

જીલ્લાવાઇઝ જગ્યાઓનુ લિસ્ટ 

સ્કૂલવાઈઝ જગ્યાઓનુ લિસ્ટ  


Relationships sometimes break and sink in front of our eyes. We keep looking with open eyes and a person slowly becomes ozal. Feel a jolt. Nothing goes unnoticed. As the candle goes out and suddenly it gets dark, a blackness rises and wraps around us. No matter how hard we try, it doesn't reach us or the sound! We feel that something is missing. This is the story of a boy and a girl. The two were slowly approaching from the heart. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Liked each other's words. There was something wonderful about being together. There were likes and comments on social media. There was chatting on WhatsApp. Suddenly something happened and the hand that seemed close began to move away. The girl said to Anne's friend, something seems to be missing. He told his friend, "If anything happens, take care of me, don't let me break!" His friend asked, why do you think so? The girl said, "I am not happy like before." In the past, if I uploaded something, the first response would come. Now he doesn't even know that I have uploaded any status! He doesn't even care about my status. Even when the last scene stops watching one should understand that now someone is disappearing. If I woke up late earlier, he would ask me the next day, did I fall asleep? Your last scene was too late! Now that doesn’t question the last scene. When a man does not ask a question, we sometimes think that he does not want an answer! We have to answer, but what if the other person doesn't ask? Friend said to him, you just ask what is the matter? The girl said, not everything has to be asked, some things have to be understood, accepted and experienced. The girl said, well done that it happened so early, if it had happened late maybe it would have been more difficult! The more intense the intimacy, the more intense the trauma.

How alert are we to a new relationship when it begins? We have been saying and hearing that where is love, feeling or affection created by thinking? Someone seems to like it, hangs out with it, has fun with it, and a relationship with Annie flourishes. Do we think that what is flourishing can sometimes fade? What determines when the fawns stop? It is said that I am no longer with you! Why not The answer is yes. There are so many reasons to say no! When someone says, I don't like you, we say, I like you! A pro fave makes no sense.

This is the story of a young man. All the people were saying about a very wise and sensible young man, if there is a boy, then come! Treats everyone with kindness, does not hurt anyone's heart, is perfect in his work. No fuss at all. Maturity is seen in every behavior. It was always said that the girl who would marry him would be lucky. Where to meet such a good boy? The parents found a nice girl and got her married. For a while, everything went well, but gradually his wife began to move away from him! Her complaints began to grow! The girl told her parents one day, "I can't live with her, I want a divorce!" Parents asked, what is the problem with you? The girl said that Pantuji is number one! What is life like? There is no thrill in her life. Is it necessary to behave wisely in all? Anne, I'm tired of the sedentary lifestyle.

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