Sunday, March 28, 2021

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Love alone is not enough, there is much more to maintaining a relationship. Every relationship depends on a lot in addition to emotion. There are many aspects of married life. Man has to show balance and understanding in all matters. According to a recent study in the United States, economic factors can cause more marital discord. In the United States, various courses and therapies are introduced to keep the marriage intact. We do not have
such studies there. Even if there are problems in the marital relationship, no effort is made to find a solution.Disputes or quarrels are likely to arise between husband and wife, not just one. Who buys the essentials for the home? Whose responsibility is it in raising children? Who goes to pick up and drop off children at school? Who decides where to go in the family? What kind of relationship should a husband have with his wife's family? How to deal? How much to stretch? Understanding is also required when it comes to how a wife lives with her husband's family. One important factor in all of this is household financial transactions.Recently, a young woman filed for divorce, saying that her husband was not talking about his family or his financial affairs. Now times have changed. In today's modern world women are also earning.

The house has a budget. The wife also has the right to know where the money comes from and where it goes. Today we have a couple who have to pay their husbands for the job they get. The husband deals with everything in his own way. The wife knows nothing. The difference is that because of love and faith, the wife does not have any doubts about her husband, but sometimes she has the thought, what happens to what I earn?

The thinking of the new generation has changed. Now those people are talking to each other. The two also have a joint account. All transactions are known to both. This position is noble. However, this is not the case everywhere. This is a recent case. A young man died in an accident. Anne's wife had no idea where and how much my husband's insurance was. How much money is in which bank account? Whose name is in the list of heirs? And how can that rupee claim?

In case the wife earns more and the husband earns less, new questions arise. Problems can arise in such circumstances if one or both do not understand. Husbands who earn less because of ego feel that their wife's dominance will increase? In some cases, even the wife behaves in such a way that my income is more than that. There are also cases where the husband keeps as much money as he needs and gives the rest to the wife. This is what Ak told the young man, my wife knows how to handle financial matters better than me. Another incident is that the wife repeatedly asked about financial transactions, so the husband said, from now on, you should do everything yourself. I don’t have to fall into all of this. In another case, the husband handed over all the transactions to his wife and said, "Why waste both energy in the same job?" Yes, sometimes it happens that the wife should not have done this. Anyone who wants to make a decision should be allowed to do so. The decision, right or wrong, should not be taken lightly. Where are all our decisions true?

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