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Gujarati Grammar book PDF Download | Bhasha Vivek by Govt of Gujarat

How seriously do you take life? If someone asked you such a question, what would you answer? Every man has questions about life. Is my life going well How do I feel about life? Is my relationship, my career, my health and my work going well?
Life does not always live up to our imagination. Life is not always in our grasp. Life sometimes slips out of hand. Life keeps questioning us sometimes. Life has to be adjusted every day. The fun of life is that it doesn't stay the same. If it were the same forever, maybe life would not be fun!

Life is not just about age. Man has divided life into different stages. No one has control over childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and old age. Different states come and go. Life goes on and on. With the breath, every single moment is added to life. With age comes changes not only in the body, but also in our thoughts and our mentality. As you grow older, your life becomes clearer. Not everyone has the same understanding of life. Everyone understands life in their own way.

This is the story of a chess player. He has been fond of chess since he was young. The pawns liked it very much. Sometimes losing, sometimes winning. Once he won a championship. He was asked, "How do you feel about winning?" "How you feel about victory depends on how you feel about defeat," he said. If defeat seems natural then victory also feels good. It is one thing to paw on chess and quite another to face a challenge in life.

There was chess games when I was younger. The king, the vizier, the elephant, the horse was walking. Growing up, I realized that even in life, you have to move with understanding. Our own men sometimes become pawns and come forward. Chess is limited to certain frames. Life is unlimited. It has not only black and white frames, but different colored frames. Red, yellow, green, pink and lots more. These frames are such that when they are barely understood, their color changes! The stakes of life are new every morning. When our own people change color, they become not colored, but gloomy. In the game of life, it is not fun to win every time, sometimes it is fun to lose. It’s also a joy to watch someone win.

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There was a husband and wife. Both enjoy playing cards. The husband was good at the game. However, it was sometimes a game to be lost by hand. The wife once said, "You lose on purpose, don't you?" Husband said, you feel like I'm losing, in fact I win you! We are losing a lot in life by hand. It is only in life that one can enjoy winning even after losing. Every man sometimes loses intentionally while playing with a small child. The child's hands are intentionally hit while playing the game 'Bhajiyu' or 'Tap Makhi Maro'. Where is the smile on the child's face less than victory? Where is the gum of defeat at such a time? The question is, where does that fun go when the same child grows up? At the same time, the question is why the fun goes away? So we start to take life more seriously?

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