Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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 Every man wants to do everything for his own person. Our intention is always to make our person happy. He gets all the happiness of life. No problem even revolves around it. Our happiness depends on our happiness. If he is happy then I am happy. If it's not fun, I start to feel uncomfortable too. We are all constantly connected with our people. 

Man bears his own grief. Can't see his own person miserable. Our mood depends on others. When we are having fun and we know that our person is not having fun, our mood goes down. The intensity of a relationship is also determined by how much a person's mood affects us. Why do our eyes get wet when we see someone crying? Love, affection, affection, warmth, intimacy connect man to his person in a supernatural way. There is no such thing as wavelength! Something is touching. Like something. Something seems to be its own!

"I don't understand a thing," one boyfriend told his girlfriend. Why don't you like me when you're not having fun Why does everything start to feel good when you are happy? Why don't you complain when you're close? Why do you even start to feel awkward when you are away? I was different when you didn't meet me. Why do I feel changed after you meet? Why do I want to see you again when I'm separated from you? 

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Why don't you put the phone down while talking on the phone? Why do you immediately remember seeing something good? Why do you want to talk the smallest thing? Why is it that what used to be absurd is now important? Why does the arrival of one person in life change the whole life? Why do you feel like throwing everything away? It doesn't matter if you have to die. Why do such thoughts come?

Man does not live only for himself. One cannot live completely for oneself alone. Man lives more for his people than for himself. Our life is not just ours. Our people are also connected to our lives. He cares about us. He is worried. Our guy asks us, are you okay? If the relationship is true, then we are right. Let's talk about the problem. We also know that it can't solve our problem, but we feel good. It is only in its presence that one feels relief. This is true of a young man. Her mother fell ill. There was a time when the doctor said that he did not have much time. The young man was devastated to hear the doctor speak. His friend, who lives in the suburbs, found out. He immediately ran to meet his friend. As soon as he saw his friend, he ran and clung to him. Dhruske Dhruske started crying. The friend let her cry. He kept moving his hand in the bamboo. The young man said to his friend, "It's good that you came!"

There are also individuals in our lives who we crave at certain times. It happens that it would be better if it came! Not only on bad occasions, but also on good occasions we have to wait for our people. An event in everyone's life happens not once, but many times. Some of us keep getting calls when we are going there and on the way, where have we reached? How often will it take to get here? We must have done the same. We don’t do that for everyone, some people are special. When it comes down to it, the idea is to make it fun. We do everything we can to get it done. Anne's trip should be memorable. It should not be a small problem. Even if we don't have time, we adjust anyway. Even a person who spends thoughtfully under normal circumstances does not think of spending for a certain person at some point! Not only do we have to combine every time, we also have to use it for our person.

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