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સમરસ હોસ્ટેલના નિયમો અને પ્રવેશ માટે ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવાની લિંક | samras Hostel

 Sadness, embarrassment, agitation and dementia dissolve excitement and warmth. When the heart is touched, the face becomes wrinkled. When we look at our face in the mirror, we think, how much freshness is on my face? The mirror does not lie. We should be able to read the language of the mirror. The mirror only shows the outside view. From this we

have to recognize and discern the picture within us. The mirror is neutral. It does not favor anyone. It shows what it is like. Decorate the mirror with an iron frame or a gold frame, it does not change. The mirror says, don't just look outside, even if a little inside. If the face is bad, we do makeup, what do we do to bring up what is down inside? A man went to a saint. He said to the saint, ‘I wish there was a tool to show the reflection inside!’ The saint said, ‘Yes! There is also such a tool. God has given us a living tool like our face! ' The face is talkative. It speaks for itself. Where can we hear facial language if we become deaf? Anyone who knows how to read his own and his person's face is truly educated! Degrees do not come from the scriptures of living life. It is understood from life itself, whether you pass or fail!

Lightness is the lifeblood of life. That Sanjeev is within us. Fun, joy, happiness and peace we seek outside. It has to be found inside, not outside. Life is simple and easy. We make it tough!This is the story of a professor. His college students were asked for their opinion on who is the best professor. Who do you enjoy teaching the most? 

હોસ્ટેલમાં વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટેના નિયમો 

 ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવાની લિંક 

The professor was on top. All the students said, "We have the most fun with him." A meeting of the college staff was called. All the professors were present. The principal said to the professor, ‘What is it about you that makes all the students have fun with you?’ The professor said, ‘There is nothing special about it. This college has even more gifted and well-taught professors than me. The difference in me has nothing to do with learning, but it has something to do with arithmetic! This year when the new class came I tried to read every student’s face. All were sad and frustrated! I started teaching by shaking off her sadness, hope and boredom. First I relaxed everyone by talking about life and then I started teaching! I wanted to fill them with something good, so I had to get rid of the bad ones first! Just, maybe this is the same work the students liked! That brings me and them closer together! 'The first step is for someone to understand, believe, accept and follow you.

Sometimes the mind has to be restless. How the mind lives depends on what happens to us. Sometimes when we don't like, unintentional or inappropriate event happens, the mind has to be confused, sadness has to be felt! There was a girl. She was upset. Once she went to a philosopher. The philosopher said, ‘The sadness in your mind. Get rid of anxiety. 'The girl asked,' Why is it that we are not affected by anything? If something bad happens, the heart has to be hurt, doesn’t it? ’The philosopher said,‘ Yes, the heart has to be hurt. If the heart is not sad, then understand that there is a problem. We are human. We must have all the effects that human beings have. Sadness comes when something bad happens. All we have to do is focus on the sadness of the event and let it go. Don't let it grow by shifting. We dry the body with a towel after bathing. The same has to do with life. Dry what gets wet, refresh what gets dry. Sadness is something that, if not removed, becomes darker and darker. At one point it gets so dark that we are the only ones in it! It gets so dark that light can't find its way! '

Nose leaks so we get treated for colds immediately. When the facial veins get tense, we do nothing, right? Why don't we just relax the veins that feel a little tight. Anything that gets more and more tense eventually breaks down. Life should be treated like a musical instrument. Keep the strings tight enough to keep the melody flowing! Knock down what feels heavy! We don't wear wet clothes, but we carry heavy sadness. We have the greatest responsibility to ourselves and at the forefront of this is to keep ourselves humble! How much we fulfill our duty to ourselves

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