Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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 Noise, sound, noise! Have you ever marked out how many different sounds keep coming around you? If we listen with our eyes closed for two hours, we will realize how many kinds of sounds keep coming! Somewhere a bird is talking, a vehicle is passing by, sometimes the sound of a child's laughter is heard, its chirping is heard when someone is fighting, the fridge of the house is constantly making noises. 

The air conditioning is constantly roaring. The ticking of the clock is also heard when there is nothing. We have become so accustomed to certain sounds that we begin to feel a strange emptiness without them. God has given us the wonderful power to hear. One of the minuses of this is that we have to listen a lot. Some sounds keep ringing in my ears even if I don't want to hear them. Someone's voice also gives pleasure. The mind flutters for a few moments when a man goes out to sell a flute in the market and plays one of our favorite songs. Every day at certain times some hawkers come out from our streets to sell something. Vegetables, fruit sellers or cardamom buyers are making noises. If there is a small child in the house, he also plays it in his own style. One day when the peddler does not come out, even though he has no relationship with her, he is remembered! These are all voices coming spontaneously, a lot of which we hear with our will. At that time we have the mental preparation to listen. Even if we are playing something we like when the mind is not in place, we do not pay attention to it.

What do you like to hear What is the color of what you hear? You may be wondering, is there any color in the sound? Yes, noise also has color. White noise is very much talked about in the world nowadays. White Noise is music that gives peace to our hearts and minds. White noise is something nowadays. People prefer to listen to quiet music i.e. White Noise for a sense of peace. 

અભ્યાસક્રમ ડાઉનલોડ કરો 

White Noise was at the top of the musical platform Spotify's chart. People try to find peace by listening to devotional music. Now there is a trend in parlors to play music that gives beauty as well as beauty to the brain. Now Sleepa has music to sleep on. This music relaxes you and helps in bringing sweet sleep. Of course, experts also say that music will only work if your brain is in place and your mind is stable. There is music for concentration but first you have to concentrate on the music.

No one can deny the power of music. Experiments have been done to make the crop better by playing music in the field, from giving music to cows and buffaloes to giving more milk. White noise machines are selling like hot cakes these days. Search Google for White Noise Machine and you will know how many varieties are available and what a huge market it is! There is even a special machine to put a small baby to sleep! Now which mother do we have time to sing? Those who have time do not like lullabies!

In addition to white, there are other colors of noise. There are many types of colorful noise ranging from Pink Noise, Blue Noise to Violet, Gray, Red, Green. We know Ja Ni Li P Na Ra for the main colors but the different sounds are divided into even more colors. All this is also taught in audio engineering. Sounds ranging from audio signals to audio textures are also a wonderful science. Some sounds are very light. Some are so severe that our brain veins begin to rupture. Our endurance is measured when a building is being built next to the house or furniture work is going on in the house next door. Some sounds do not leave the chase even if we fill the ears with bouquets.

Certain voices are connected to our lives. His own person calls us Ladka and in a certain tone. That sound is sometimes heard even when the person does not have it. We feel like, he called me or he called me, that sound is like the capital of life. Some people's voices are so harsh that it would be better for us to stop now. Some sound like music, so keep listening! There is nothing wrong with saying that we are constantly surrounded by voices, that we are in captivity of voices. When we go for a walk, it happens that what kind of peace is there? Man's mind is now so distracted and distracted that he cannot even connect with the sounds coming from around him. Noise of any color but if the mind is dull, the sound of any color sounds black!

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