Wednesday, March 3, 2021

TAT ભરતી કોલ લેટર અને ડોક્યુમેન્ટ વેરિફિકેશન | ગ્રાન્ટેડ ઉચ્ચ માધ્યમિક શિક્ષણ સહાયક ભરતી 2021

 We all cry a lot about the bad times of life. There is not much memory of good times. We keep chewing on anything that goes wrong. Happiness and sorrow in life also depend on what we pamper more. Happy or sad Happiness or sadness? Laughter or tears? Milan or

separation? Visit or bereavement? Love or hate? Friend or foe? Remember or complain? Price or lack? What we pamper keeps accumulating in us. That is the balance. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If there is love, share love. If there is hatred, you have to hate. We just have to be careful, what do I plant in myself? What you plant will grow.

How is your mood during the 24 hours of the day? How many hours are you happy How many hours are your mood off? Are there any moments when you have fun living? Can you add moments of fun, of feeling good? We don't do that. On the contrary, we keep pulling at what is bad. There was a program in honor of a brother. 

કોલ લેટર સૂચના ડાઉનલોડ કરો 

Dozens of speakers praised his work with two mouths. One man made a few remarks while praising. This criticism was not tolerated by the man. Spoiled my so beautiful honors program. His wife said, "Do you remember those two minutes in the two-hour program? You have been praised for the remaining one hour and fifty-eight minutes, don't you remember? '

ડૉક્યુમેન્ટ વેરિફિકેશન સૂચનાઓ 

There was a monk. He presented a plate of gold to one of his devotees. The gold plate had an iron nail in it. A few days later another devotee was also given a gold plate with an iron nail. Both were happy. Once a monk called his devotee. In the conversation, he asked, ‘Do you eat in that gold plate?’ The devotee said, ‘I eat every day, Maharaj! The only problem is that the iron nail appears every day and the taste of the food spoils. 'So another devotee came. The monk also asked him, ‘Do you eat every day in a gold plate?’ The devotee said, ‘Ouch! I eat in it every day. Have fun. I never dreamed that I would eat in a gold plate! ’The monk said,‘ But there is an iron nail in it, what is it? Where there is a nail, I put the basil leaves first and then forget that there is an iron nail! The whole plate is made of gold! ’The monk first said to the devotee,‘ Now you understand why you are sad? You have the iron nail in the center of your mind, not the gold plate '! There is a stain on the moon, but its light is the same everywhere. Ever heard that moonlight doesn't fall here because it falls in the area of ​​the moon's spot? The black spot does not appear in the dark. The black stain appears clearer if you light the lamp. You can never enjoy the light, the brightness, the radiance or the light if you just stare at that stain! '

Sometimes in life there comes a time when we feel that there is no one else as happy as me. We also feel that ten fingers are in the ghee and every grace of nature is showering. It is as if this time has stopped here! I also want to tell Zindagi to stop for a while! What is all this running for? Happiness is not felt even if we do not understand it. This is the story of a young man. After much struggle, there came a stage in Anne's life when she had everything she could have imagined! Bright had a career, had a loving wife, had a nice fun home, the house also had all kinds of amenities. In spite of everything, he was worried about feeling happy, on the contrary. He was constantly afraid that this happiness would go away? What if I get sad again? He once said to a philosopher, ‘I have everything. I'm scared though. As you say in your lectures, time never stays the same. Life comes in a package deal. Change is the law of the world. Happiness is followed by sorrow and sorrow is followed by happiness. Does that mean the happiness I have today is gone? 'The philosopher laughed. He said, ‘Do you have happiness? I don't think so! You have happiness, but where is the realization? You have kept the pain. Pahla e dukhne to tu chod! Grief will come when it has to come, you are already miserable. Times change, no, not at all, but only when time changes! Enjoy happiness now! I don't know what tomorrow will be like, but I do know that today is good. Enjoy it first! There are certain times in life that need to be lived to the fullest. Then maybe there will be a time or not! It is possible to have a better time than it is now, enjoy it then! '

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