Friday, March 5, 2021

TAT ભરતી સોગંદનામુ -જે શિક્ષક તરીકે નોકરી કરે છે એના માટે સોગંદનામાનો નમૂનો | 2021

 Every man in the world knows one thing, time is never the same. Up-down is the reality of life. We all feel good when the time is in our favor. As time goes on, we start complaining. Corona put us all in a strange and never imagined situation. The unlocking season has now

begun after the lockdown. Everyone is talking about New Normal. We have all accepted the New Normal with a little resentment, a little sadness and a little restlessness. In other words, have to accept. Where do we have another option? We used to walk around wearing masks and hand gloves. Many people have started paying attention due to fear of police and many people are worried about deteriorating health. How many other changes have taken place in our lives!

What does a person do when there is any change or anything in life? Whatever he does, he has to accept the change that has taken place in the end. It's like learning about The Kubbler Ross Model of Human Psychology. Elizabeth Kubler, a 78-year-old Swiss-American psychiatrist, talks about the model in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. He writes that a man feels five stages of any sorrow in life. These are the five stages, Denial, Anger, Bargain, Depression and Acceptance. In Gujarati, denial, anger, arguments, frustration and acceptance. Whenever we have a tragedy, disaster, accident, death, divorce or any other negative event, we go through these five stages.

સોગંદનામું નમૂનો ડાઉનલોડ 

Even in the case of Corona we have gone through these five stages. This has been nicely explained to life coach Shrijit Krishnan. First of all we are in denial mode. Initially we talked about Corona not coming there, even if we would come, there would not be much spread due to heat and other reasons. After Corona came, we came to another stage, that is, Anger's stage. Began to be angry at the situation, began to express resentment. This is because we lost all control. We got lost in the house. Can't get out. Everything stopped meeting. All of our lives have changed. In such circumstances, we are angry with the mind. We ask questions like this. Many got angry because he lost his job, lost his business, his normal life was disturbed and so on. In the third stage bargaining i.e. arguments begin. Why did this happen? Why all the anxiety and suffering? Everyone started wishing that this would end soon! As the pain, sadness, and despair continue, so does the frustration. Even if there is no severe depression, everyone has felt a slight sadness. How a person feels depressed depends on a person's mental fitness. Eventually the acceptance took place in the last stage. We accepted that Corona was going to stay. We now have to live by accepting the existence of the corona. We started wearing masks and hand gloves, keeping up with sanitizers, maintaining social distance and living by accepting the fact. This was Corona's point, this is our response and response to all the bad events in life. Then the car is punctured, the flight is missed, someone betrayed, a break-up or a divorce. We go through a phase of acceptance, starting with the complaint.

The question is, assuming this is true, what to do? Most importantly, the sooner we accept an event, the sooner we can be free. A lot of people just can’t get out of an event for long. Those people suffer more. After anything happens to us, we should return to New Normal as soon as possible. Sooner or later, you have to come to New Normal, then why not sooner or later? Anything that happens in life is bound to cause grief. Why with me What's my fault I haven't hurt anyone! Many such questions arise. No answers found. If not, where to meet? The only way we have is to accept the situation, the situation, the circumstance. Our pain has lessened after acknowledging the existence of Corona, taking care but not worrying too much. Just like Corona's New Normal, you have to come to New Normal even after an incident in life. If we move on by accepting and accepting acceptance for physical and mental well-being, then life quickly falls apart.

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