Friday, April 30, 2021

1000 સમાનાર્થી શબ્દ PDF ફાઇલ | Gujarati sahitya

 Life has become boring. Nothing new or thrilling. The same thing every day. The same twist forever. Life has become like a machine. There is no thrill of living. Don't know when to get rid of all these responsibilities.

Where there is no one, there is something else. Get tired. Shemaya is not fun. Someone has a problem at home. There is a lot of tension in the office. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Sometimes it feels like giving up everything. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.

Thoughts like this or that come to every man to some extent. Man runs a race with himself. A race that never ends. It just so happens that this happens to us. This will be a bit of a hash after the husband leaves a big job. Hash does not occur. On the contrary, new problems keep coming up. We look forward to a better time. Boredom has become a universal disease of today. The face remains wrinkled. The mind remains paralyzed. Tan remains tired. There is a constant load on the brain. Something is biting in the heart.

What happens to us if life is short? Nothing happens the way I envisioned life. Looking at the pictures of friends and loved ones on social media, it happens that everyone is having fun, everyone is going for a walk, we are destined for black labor and various titles. Don't know when you will get rid of all this!

સમાનાર્થી શબ્દ PDF ફાઇલ 

The mind keeps shouting rebellion. I want freedom, I want to get rid of all this, I want to live my way a little bit. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Friends suggest that some of these jobs are a bit of a chore. Leave when another job matches. What should I do while sitting down? In sum, we are sitting still. The survey may reveal that most people are not happy with their current situation. Everyone wants change. There is a thirst for change, everyone wants to do something. It happens to everyone that the skills I have are not fully utilized. I'm wasting.

Does this happen to you Will happen. There are also reasons behind such feeling. These reasons are also true, without a reason nothing happens in the world. The trouble is bound to happen. Show a man who has no trouble. I'm fine, there's fun, there's God's mercy, there's a lot of hiding that says we don't have a problem. Of course, this attitude is also true and good. It is better to have fun than to cry.

Was a young man. It's always fun. If someone asks, he says that there is a party. One day his friend said to him, what party do you have? Do you have Doing a normal job, barely finishing, pockets are completely empty at the end of the day, no place to stay, do you have happiness? He said to the young man, "If you count, I have nothing special." Getting up on the bus. Barely two ends meet. Elderly parents are worried. I was also disturbed by all these thoughts. Seeing my frustration, my father once sat me down next to him. He said, there are many challenges in front of you? It has to stay. Will be until the end of life. The question is how do you take it. Life is like a mirror. He will do to you what you will do to him. If you laugh, he will laugh, if you cry, he will also cry, if you scold, he will scold. Don't underestimate your fun in life, because that's all in your hands. All you have to do is do it, then do it lightly and with a smile! The most important mood in your work is fun discovery, thrilling experience with work, enjoy the nature scattered nearby while updown. The fakir has nothing, but he is happy. All of us have a little bit of isolation. If we keep it alive, we won't feel tired. The challenge will seem easy.

If I think of your problem, one weak thought after another will keep coming. Frustration does not come from a weak thought before. One weak thought after another is frustrating. Gradually it pulls us into depression. We see darkness all around us. That darkness is mostly created by us. I have nothing special to inherit, but I want to inherit my enthusiasm, my happiness and my thoughts and tell you that happiness in life is nowhere to be found if it is not inside you. The fun outside is short-lived. Party husband and back alone. Came back and the same twist back. The joy within never lets us be alone. Even if the situation is weak, even if the circumstances are the opposite, do not let your thoughts weaken. Never think of leaving anything or running away, because running away or leaving is not freedom or liberation. To be connected with our work, duty and karma and to live life with a smiling face is the same freedom, the same liberation. Just from this day on I decided I would have fun.

Nothing good Doesn't happen with anyone? So find a solution. The greatest need for positivity is in the negative. When everything goes smoothly, then everything is positive. There is a situation where there is no attention, all the factors are left in front of us and staying healthy when the time is not ready is the same positivity, the same real power.

Happiness does not come from knowing the true nature of man, but it is difficult to know the true nature of man. Remember, no one can escape from trouble, the only survivors are those who have fought the trouble and defeated the trouble. If you look for reasons to be sad, you will find not one but a thousand. It is enough to find a reason to be happy and happy. If you want emancipation or freedom, you must first

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