Tuesday, April 13, 2021

નવોદય પરીક્ષા હોલ ટીકીટ જાહેર 2021

   A teacher was called by the principal of his school and said, "The school is closed because of Corona, so from now on you have to teach students online." Hearing this, the teacher's cataracts died. He didn't even bother to teach online. Eventually his daughter came to the rescue. He set up everything. The teacher started teaching with courage. The teacher did not like it very much so the students started taking turns. After reading the comments, the teacher started crying. Anne's daughter came and took care of the teacher's father. 

This has gone viral on social media. Some websites also published the news. Thousands of people commented, "Respect your teacher." Is this your sacrament? You may also have seen and read this viral post. Of course, as the Fact Check found out, the whole story is fictional. The story was written on Facebook by Syed Mohammad Fahim of Bangladesh. "I wrote this to maintain the respect of teachers," he said. Well, this was wrong, but there have been many incidents where teachers have been mocked while teaching online. This is what a teacher said. Students use fake, pet or ghost names instead of real names, so it is not known who this student is! In some states of the country, even in the classroom, students make fun of a teacher or a professor, when such students are going to be a few friends online?

હૉલ ટિકિટ ડાઉનલોડ 

Corona has changed the lifestyle of all of us. We've all been talking about the New Normal, but not many have gotten used to it yet. Teaching young children online is not a game of eating. Most parents say, ‘Our children do not sit quietly in front of mobiles, tablets or laptops.’ Children are bound to be fickle. When he sits down to study online, he has to sit with his mother, father or any other member of the household. College students are still sensible so those who want to study are students. Some students go online to attend, but then there is something else!

Everyone discusses and worries about the issue of students, their parents, school or college and fees, but no one cares about the teachers who are going to teach. Teachers who used to teach on blackboards in school-college do not like to sit in front of the camera. In half an hour, he loses his sweat. Not all teachers are techno-savvy. Some don't even like mobile usage. If you take the help of a son or daughter to download an app, let him teach it directly online, then his condition will become pitiable, right? Tejal Amin, chairperson of Vadodara's Navrachana Education Society, has written a post on social media asking for ideas on the new challenges facing teachers. "Teachers faced the challenge of digital transformation overnight and they accepted it," he wrote. Teachers had to be vigilant for screen presence and voice modulation. The biggest thing is that when a student is studying online, someone in his house sits down to watch him. Let those people judge whether this master or madam can be taught or not? If a comment is passed about that teacher, then the student decides the image of his own teacher from that comment! This has happened to many teachers. Some parents have even complained to the school that the way your teacher teaches is not right. Parents don't realize that teaching online is not as easy as talking on a video call.

Online education is one-way back. The teacher does the ball and gets no response from the front. Teachers have a habit of asking questions and getting answers. Students in the classroom have the ability to engage in study. They also know which students need more guidance. It is understandable that when the camera comes instead of the students living in front of them, it is not fun to teach them. Despite all the challenges, teachers and professors make their own efforts. As one teacher put it, "I feel like I'm teaching." He also said that if it could be taught online, all the students would have become smarter by listening to lectures by professors from Oxford, Cambridge or other best universities in the world. Classroom education creates a supernatural identity between teacher and student. It is also a pity that the administrators of many private schools and colleges have cut teachers' salaries. The school-college was closed due to Corona, counting the time as a vacation. Teachers say, if nothing else a

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