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શાળા ફાળવણી પત્ર મેળવવા અંગેની સુચનાઓ @2021

  Class and its power - Today's student will be tomorrow's citizen. He will have the burden of building and developing the country on his strong shoulders. The young men and

women of any country are the deepest sea of ​​power and they have a unique source of enthusiasm. The need is that their power be used creatively; Otherwise, he can use his power in sabotage and subversive work.News of such incidents are published daily in newspapers. Their anger at the urgent and unnecessary demands keeps growing. If this power of students is put into creative work, then the country can be transformed.

What are the reasons for this dissatisfaction of students due to dissatisfaction? Why and for whom they are misusing their power are some important questions. The first reason for this is the defect of the modern education system. This educational system does not lead to intellectual development of the student and does not make the students practical knowledge; As a result, the number of educated unemployed in the country is increasing. When the student is aware that he has to wander in the end, he starts to show carelessness towards his studies.

Student dissatisfaction also thrives due to the influence of political parties on students.

Some selfish and opportunistic politicians use students for their selfishness. Today's student has also become innocent and lazy. He shrugs hard and has made it his goal to get a Yen-Ken-type degree. Apart from this, the dissatisfaction spread in every section of the society is also the main reason for raising the dissatisfaction of the students.

The contribution of students in nation-building will be the citizen of tomorrow and the burden of the entire nation will be on its shoulders. Therefore, today's student will be as enlightened, efficient, capable and talented; The future of the country will be equally bright. From this point of view, many responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the student, by taking care of them, he can make an important contribution towards nation building.

The contribution of students in nation building can be discussed under these main points-(A) In the field of research - modern era is the era of science. The faster the country will grow, the more great that nation will be; Therefore, it is necessary for the students to open the doors to the latest research. Students studying in the field of medicine can do new research in the field of medicine and surgery.

They can try to make human life more safe and healthy. In the same way, students studying in engineering can also contribute towards the development of various types of Kal-Factories and Ponds etc.

(B) The attainment of mature knowledge and its use in development-oriented works - Mature knowledge is absolutely necessary for life. Too much knowledge cannot bring seriousness, it leads to a state of disorientation. That is why it is necessary that the students mature their knowledge and make full use of this mature knowledge from different points of view to enrich their family members, develop the cultural wealth of the country, etc.

(C) Creating an atmosphere of awareness by being self-conscious - Students can contribute to nation-building only by staying alert and alert to their current environment. The world is moving fast on the path of development. Therefore, every field of progress now faces heavy competition.In order to participate in these competitions, it is necessary that students should be conscious of social activities and motivate others to do the same.

(D) Development of virtues based on morality - Human development takes place only through healthy intelligence and thinking. The development of these qualities is dependent on his moral development. Therefore, in order to enrich themselves and nation-life, students should increase their moral strength and present the ideals of moral-life in the society.

(4) Maintenance of duties - Today's student gets his education only by staying in the society. He does not go and live in Gurukul like before. Therefore, many responsibilities of his nation, family and society etc. have come on him. The student who fulfills these responsibilities or duties, we can only call him a true student. In this way, the development of a sense of duty-devotion among students is absolutely essential for nation-building.

(F) To give importance to the spirit of discipline - no work can be completed smoothly without discipline. Discipline is the mainstay of nation-building. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the students to think about the development of the country by remaining in discipline.

Just as a house with a weak foundation cannot remain permanent for a long time, similarly a disciplined nation cannot remain safe for long. Students should perform their duties like disciplined soldiers, only then they can give yoga in nation building.

(G) Social service - our upbringing, development, learning etc. are possible only by staying in the society; Therefore, it is also necessary for us to think and meditate towards the upliftment of our society. Students can contribute significantly in the upliftment of their country by social service, they can promote education and educate the illiterate. Similarly, by abolishing untruth of untouchability, students are

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