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સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન અગત્યના પોઇંટ્સ ધોરણ 6-7-8-9 | Short Notes

 A boy or a girl who has Wi-Fi or unlimited downloads can download a movie from a website and then pass it on to friends through a data sharing app. Thanks to the censor board, two days before the release of the much talked about film 'Udta Punjab' in multiplexes,
there were rumors in the cyber world that people were asking each other if they wanted a digital print of 'Udta Punjab'. We have The answer from the front was that this was in my mobile!This free entertainment is all right. Why not Fave? No spending money, no hassle of going to multiplexes, watching movies at home or anywhere and when the mood strikes. Free Ka Chandan, Ghas Beta Lalia. From the producer of the film to everyone involved in the film, everyone has the same feeling in their stomach that our film will not be leaked somewhere. If anything goes wrong, we will wait.

Film piracy is reported in the cyber crime cell, the horses are released before the police can do anything. ‘Viral’ has a dwarf police presence. By the time the police catch two or four, the damage is done. Once the digital print escapes from the hand, its head, its tail, is not only difficult but impossible. Even the Cyber ​​Crime Cell itself still does not fully understand who is doing all this. Exactly where does the film leak come from? How to reach websites? Who really benefits from doing so? How many connections does the underworld have?

The leaked copy of 'Udta Punjab' is the censor copy which was given by the Central Board of Film Certification. There is even an allegation that someone from the censor board leaked. Two copies of the film were sent to the censor board. Copying from it is a two minute task. By doing this, someone turned the water on the work of the filmmaker. The funny thing is, the censor board tried hard to get 89 cuts in the film, but the whole endless film reached people's digital devices! Complained to cyber cell. An exercise was conducted to find the Internet Protocol address from which it was first uploaded. Before any action could be taken, the entire film was uploaded on more than 725 websites. 

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The cyber cell blocked the film on more than 150 sites but could not reach others. Then the situation became such that where the abyss is broken, where to kill the things and how many to kill?

This is just about 'Flying Punjab'. This is the case with almost all films, big or small, sooner or later. ‘Udta Punjab’ was much talked about before its release and the censor copy was leaked.

After the release of a Bollywood film, if there is any breath in the film, it can collect 60% in the first week. Two or three weeks if the banger goes out, cross the bed. As the effect of piracy diminishes, the producer releases it in one fell swoop across the country and the world. Digital prints have made it possible to reach thousands of talkies at once with the help of satellite and other high-tech help, but the film has not been in anyone's hands since its release. There was a time when CDs of films were made and put in the market. Underworld Mafia Dawn people were making millions out of it. Still earn today. However, online piracy has also reached into the pockets of mafias. The filmmakers say that the way it is done also makes our condition miserable.

According to an estimate, our country's film industry loses Rs 5,000 crore every year due to piracy. 50,000 people have lost their jobs. Income from piracy makes the underworld more powerful. Money from piracy is used by the mafia for everything from drugs, weapons and other smuggling to terrorism. For the mafias, piracy is a less non-violent business than any other dirty business, it is less like bloodshed, it is worth earning. Now not only the underworld mafias are in the business of piracy but also the online and internet mafias are in the field.

It is not only in our country, the sin of piracy has spread all over the world, including America. Even superpowers like America have cried out for repentance from piracy. Sitting in any corner of the world with a laptop can make it harder for you to do what you think you can do.

The mafia is found in the piracy business because people support it. When people get cheap CDs or downloaded digital prints, they just think that whatever happens, what do I do? For those who can't afford to watch a movie with expensive tickets, all this seems to be a blessing. The common man, from the Tawangars onwards, subtly becomes a partner in piracy. It is very difficult to stop a work where there is a large participation of people, whether the work is good or bad. No one understands how to stop this piracy.

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