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 Man doesn't just want a relationship. Proof of relationship is also required. My relationship should resonate. Screams should be heard when I speak. He should listen to me. He should tell me that. If we text someone and don't get an answer, we get upset. I wished him well and he didn't even text me Thanks!

We never think I did what I had to do, just do what I think is right. We start to wonder why he didn't answer me. He's not interested in me anymore? I don't need it anymore? Has he found other friends now? Am I stupid by texting? Why do I need to be loved from the front? Do we seldom think that it is in trouble? It is possible that his phone is off! There is a reason why he could not answer! No, we just want feedback. We assume that the answer must be given. Man's expectations have also increased as the means of communication have increased. Replies are also instant!

Relationships are now 'unlimited'. How many contacts are in our mobile. Anyone from any part of the world messages us. The circle has become so big that we ourselves get lost in it. At one time there were very few friends but the friendship was close. Today there are many friends but friendship has to be found.

Emotions are not a search engine. Friends are found but friendship is not found. There is nothing wrong with virtual worlds but don't raise your expectations so much that it only hurts you! Right now, there is a bet to increase the relationship. We estimate our circle from the figure of friends on Facebook. Hopefully this relationship lasts a lifetime and we get the answer when we want it. Not every relationship needs to get a response.

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It doesn't matter if the relationship is unlimited but expectations are limited. 

Every human being has a certain level of emotion. The more emotional a man is, the more alert he should be to a relationship. Relationships also bring happiness. Relationships also give pain. When you are attached to someone, you also have to be a little bit prepared to be cut off. A person who cannot be cut off suffers. Not everyone has feelings for us. It is neither necessary nor possible for the person connected to us to have feelings just for us. If we are saddened by the breakup of a relationship, we are largely responsible for it.

Man should also learn to manage breakups. Man has only two options when it comes to ending a relationship. One is to fall into it and be miserable and the other is to get out of it. Lovers break up and spouses get divorced. Except for these two relationships, all the relationships are broken. When the glassware breaks, we collect small pieces of glass and throw them away. Even when assembling, be careful not to get caught somewhere! Relationships are also made of glass. Sometimes it even explodes. Grief also happens. We have to decide whether to splurge or not.

A man's relationship broke down. It was disturbing. He spoke to a philosopher. The philosopher said that certain relationships and certain people come as guests in our lives. The guest does not stay permanently. Only when they arrive do they decide that they are leaving. Don't take it for granted. It is enough that you are hospitable. After the guest leaves the house, we return to the house. The towel-napkin given to the guest is also washed. When a relationship goes away we have to go back to being the same. Many guests like it but have to go. Someone is two-four days old, someone is two-four months old! We can't hold on to it forever! We go to many places. We also like certain places. It also makes sense to live in that place. We can't stay there. Extend the stay to a maximum of two to four days. In the end, you have to go back. Where can we also maintain every relationship permanently?

A young man went for a walk at a hill station. Another young man was staying at the hotel where he was staying. The two got together for breakfast in the morning. Decided to go for a walk together. For three or four days, they both returned with great love. The two became very good friends. It's time to dump her and move on. One young man asked for his contact number from another. Another friend refused to provide a contact number. I don't want to give up! What is needed? We met, fell apart. Having fun together With each other's memories, isn't that enough? Why do we want to keep every relationship forever? Isn't that enough time for a relationship? We will probably never meet again. Suppose we meet somewhere and have fun again! When we get back, it may not be fun, and it may be even more fun. What is the need to stretch this relationship? We will contact each other, then stay bound. We will be sad if we don't get each other's answer. A friend! That's all. Let's break up with nice fun memories. He hugged the young man heartily and then picked up his bag and started walking. Do we let someone so easily get away from our lives? No, hold on. If it escapes, we keep cursing it. When a relationship is over, don't even think about whether he has feelings for me or not.

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