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Mathematics is an important subject, because the use of mathematics is not limited to just passing the exam. Mathematics are often used in everyday life along with passing exams. Many students consider mathematics as a difficult subject and are afraid of it, often the number of such students is very less in mathematics.

There are also many students who consider mathematics as the most scoring subject and the highest number of such students are in mathematics. Many mathematics teachers and students even believe that mathematics is the only subject in which more number (or whole) numbers can be obtained easily. Through this article, we will know why some students find mathematics a difficult subject and what to do if mathematics becomes a simple subject for them.

In a subject like Mathematics, many topics are related to each other. If you miss a class, you may have missed some concepts which can be used in the topics taught in the next class. In such a situation, it is possible that you do not understand anything in the class. So never miss a class. Especially do not miss the first class which is the most important. If you have missed a class due to some reason, then prepare the topics taught that day with the help of a friend before going to the next class.

How much have you cried in your life so far? How scared are you Breathing also has gear. The heart also has motion. Who changes this gear? Who breaks life? Life goes on despite the ups and downs. Life does not stop. Nothing happens after it stops. Death is a mystery. We do not consider birth a mystery, because it happens in front of our eyes. However, not everything that happens in front of the eye is true. Drama also happens in front of the eyes. Magic also happens in front of the eyes. Miracles often happen in front of the eyes. Miracles do not have a shape. Miracles are formless. Miracles make man realize that there is something beyond our comprehension. The believer has faith that there is someone who runs everything. An atheist has 'faith' that there is no one and nothing! Whether there is someone else or something else, man is himself.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a 'biopic' on you? What life events would you like to film in your life? Edit what event? Isn't life what you feel like deleting or cutting? Of course, we don't like it. We are done. Sometimes by mistake and sometimes intentionally. Man forgives what has happened by mistake, but he can never forgive what has happened intentionally. The burden of this error must be borne constantly. What mistake have you made that you regret? What injustice have you done that is constantly harassing you? There was a man. He hurt his own person. He kept saying that it would have been better if what had happened between us had not happened. I shouldn't have done what I did. His friend said that what has happened is not going to change, all you can do is go to him and apologize. The man said, "Why should I apologize?" Was the curve a bit of my loneliness? Never clap with one hand. Why doesn't he ever feel like apologizing? What we realize, what we understand, what we want to do, we often do not do! Man is never stopped by anyone else, he is stopping himself the most.

Every man has to write a poem at least once in his life. There are certain moments in life when life is writing to us. Every person has a little writer alive. Everyone has a mind to write a diary sometimes. The last page of a notebook is like a short story of life while studying. It has some names written on it. Some pictures are drawn. Some names are engraved on school and college benches. Sometimes it makes sense to make a pendant of the first letter of someone's name and wear it around the neck, sometimes the urge to paint a tattoo arises. How many tattoos are carved on the heart? They are not visible to anyone. Only we can feel it. How much of everything is hidden in the written pages of Life? How much is everything willing to reveal?

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It happens to man that where am I so great? Where have I got such an achievement? I am a common man. No man is ordinary. No man is useless. You also have an existence. You also have a story. What if you write your autobiography? Everyone wants to write an autobiography. Man thinks who reads my autobiography? Why read? Every talk, every event, every occasion, every recollection, every complaint is not for anyone. There is so much for us. A man was writing a diary. Her son asked why do you write a diary? Dad said, for me. Not everything in life is remembered. There is not much to remember. Yet I write because I have lived it. Then he told his son to do something. When I die, you burn all my diaries with my cheetah. There is nothing to remember in my life. There are only failures. The man died one night. 

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