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ડોમિસાઈલ સર્ટિફિકેટ અરજીફોર્મ | Domicile Certificate Form

 A friend is a person who is closest to our heart. Think twice if you don't have a friend? This life would not be like living! Nowadays when writing anything on social media for a friend three words are used a lot, Partner in Crime. Some have done so with a friend or sister, which becomes an invaluable souvenir of a lifetime. Our best friends are often responsible for our addictions and addictions.

Friends know our mood. We don't have to call it when we need it, that's all. A man can only be relieved by a friend. It can be spoken in any language. It is natural to speak with him. There is no shame in friendship. It can knock us out. To identify a person, it is said, if you want to know what someone is like, check who his friends are. Of course, this does not always have to be true. Friendships do not always happen by looking at status. Friendship is not affected by poverty or wealth. In this too, the friendship that is from childhood is different. When a man grows up, he still thinks before making friends. Childhood friendship is a time when you don't even know what friendship is. It just happens. Suddenly someone starts liking. It seems to be fun. His words are touching. I like to wander with it. There are no complaints against it. Sometimes there is resentment, but a little time is enough.

Whose friendship? Krishna and Sudama or Karna and Duryodhana? Karna only knew what kind of man my friend Duryodhana was! Whatever it was, there were a hundred faults in it, but it was a friend so Karna did not leave it. It also happens in our lives. All of a sudden, our good friend goes astray. Sometimes by mistake, sometimes by accident, sometimes intentionally. Friendship also changes, but in some cases the friend does not change. This is a very true phenomenon. There were two friends. 

ડોમિસાઈલ અરજીફોર્મ ડાઉનલોડ 

Close friendship between the two. Grew up together from childhood. A friend once committed a serious crime. He had to go to jail. His crime was such that even his family members were humiliated. Members of the household also moved away from it. Even in a bad situation, his friend did not leave him alone. 

He was going to give a tiffin to his friend in jail. At one point, another friend said, "What are you doing?" Are you still friends with her That friend said, should I leave it? He has committed a crime. The law will punish him. Why should I punish him? That's my friend. Laugh with me. Cried with me He will be a bad man to the world, a friend to me. A friend is not good or bad. Friends are friends. It has to be accepted as it is. How about a friendship if we don't have it when we need it? No one is with him right now. I need it the most. If I run away too, friendship will be ashamed. Not that he did wrong, but for me it is secondary. There can be nothing more than friendship. Friendship does not count.

Those who have good friends do not suffer from depression. Have you heard that joke? A friend was in trouble. Talking to friends, the scoundrel showed such a way that the original problem was forgotten. Now another very true event. This is the story of a writer friend. It felt like depression. He enlisted the help of a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked, who are your friends? "All my friends are dizzy," said the intellectual writer. He gathers every evening and talks without a hitch. The doctor said, "You meet those people and get involved with them." Remember one thing, put your intellect aside. Be like those people. That friend actually did the experiment. He used to gossip and make fun of people without emphasizing his work and name. He confessed that he had changed his mind. Everyone should have a 'nonsense circle of friends'. It keeps us relaxed. The one who does not have good friends is the most unfortunate person, the one who has friends but stays away from it is a fool, the one who enjoys true friendship is as happy as no one else. Today is Friendship Day. Even though today is called a day of friendship, the rest of the day is a friendship day. Happy Friendship Day!

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