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Man is thus a sensible animal, he knows what is good for himself and what is bad. Man's problem is that when everything is right, he doesn't count anything. He believes that everything should continue as it is. When hit, he realizes where Locho has gone. One thing we have all been hearing since we were little is that the first happiness is Narya herself. There is no wealth greater than health.

Life will be better if you are in good health. It doesn't matter if we have thirty-two kinds of food in front of us and we can't eat any of them. One study says that when a person falls ill, a little self-knowledge is imposed on him. Most people lose that knowledge once they recover. Very few people can put that knowledge into practice.

We are all well aware of cemetery asceticism. When we go to a person's funeral and have a funeral in front of our eyes, we are questioned about the meaning of life. We all feel hihoy lies. We all run the wrong race. This is the truth of life. We think of living life to the fullest. Living with all in love, never hurting anyone's heart, never getting angry, all such thoughts keep coming to the graveyard. As we come out of the graveyard everything evaporates.

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Even when we get sick, we are responsible for everything that happens. Lifestyle changes from now on. Getting to bed and eating well on time. The idea of ​​quitting Kutevo also comes up. This is very true of a young man from Rajkot. He had a sore mouth. The brother had a habit of eating mash and smoking cigarettes. A few days passed, but the sores did not heal. He was afraid that there might be cancer somewhere? Showed the doctor. There could also be cancer, the doctor said. Biopsy performed. By the time the report came, the young man had many thoughts. Now mash and turn off the cigarette. Don't touch it any day. A biopsy was reported. "You don't have cancer," the doctor said. The young man was hashed. Within a few days, the brother began eating mash and smoking cigarettes. Of course, not all are. A lot of people wake up and Manoman says, have a lot of fun, not now.

Some change after illness, but most return to what they were after they recovered. Why does this happen? Psychiatrist Prashant Bhimani says that in the language of psychology, this is called negative reinforcement. When it comes to quitting a habit, it can be said that it depends on the person's attachment to the habit or addiction. It doesn't matter if the mind is firm. A young man had typhoid. He had no cigarette test due to fever. Don't smoke until you have a fever. After the fever subsided he did not turn on the cigarette and was relieved of his addiction.

If this happens to man in other circumstances too. When people who drink drink more and vomit, it happens to many that they don't have to drink anymore or just drink in moderation. How long it lasts now depends on how much the man sticks to his decision. This is a matter of addiction. This is also the case in the general case. This is very natural in case of pregnancy. After a girl gives birth to her first child, it always happens that she does not have to have another child. This is due to labor pains. However, a child's love soon forgets all the pain. Everything becomes secondary to motherhood.

When a person gets sick after a certain age, he makes certain decisions. It has also been observed that when a person becomes ill at a young age, he makes his own will. Not only that, he also starts giving advice on what to do when he is not there. People in the house say, don't say that, nothing like that is going to happen. Not every disease kills a person. It comes and goes. However, it does send a lot of messages. We are told to improve. Many do not count on their health, saying that life and death are in God's hands. Wise men say that when you are sick, listen to what your heart says, then your heart will keep beating and it will be fun to live life. There is no denying that health is wealth.

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