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There is a 'fugitive' living in every man. Each time, he is tempted to flee, to give up, and to rebel. The fugitive inside of us keeps complaining to us. What does all this mean? Where does anyone appreciate you? How long do you have to stay in this position? Get out of here! Your dreams can't be so small!

You were born for a big, great and memorable work. Man must always have complaints against his current situation.

The office does not have a wrinkling atmosphere. There is no peace in the home. The city doesn’t feel like living. The mindset of society is not tolerated. Friends are relatives of selfishness. Relatives blame. People who work together are in a tantrum. Wavelength does not match with wife. Children do not understand. Parents have heaps of expectations. Man does not even leave the country. What country is this? No system works the same way. What kind of debris is the road? The roads are good, there is a problem of traffic. Yes, this is all. What is is also to live forever.

The man escapes the situation. After reaching a new place, he starts having problems there. This is the story of a young man. After a good education, he started working. She didn't like celery enough. Skills have no value in this country. I started looking for a job abroad. Got a job in America. Had a very good salary. Came back a year later. A friend asked him how is it in the USA? He started a barrage of complaints. The salary is good but there is nothing else. Life does not seem to be the same. The pressure of work remains high. Not just family life. Weather is also fantastic. You don't even feel like intimacy. The friend laughed. He said you had complaints here when you were here. Now that you are there, there is a complaint. So what difference does it make to you? Why are you not satisfied with any situation? 

Your problem is that you have to have everything that suits you and you have nowhere to go! Even if you are sent to heaven, you will find objections from there!To be happy, we need to adapt to the situation. Yes, we should try to adapt to the situation as much as we can, but no situation is going to suit us one hundred percent. You can cool your room by installing an air conditioner, but not change the outside environment. 

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Those who have objections are found. How much is all the heat? The skin burns! Alas, you stay in the AC all day. The house has AC. The office also has AC. The car also has AC. Do you have any problem Asked a laborer if it is difficult to work in this heat? That said, just in the heat? Working is difficult even in the cold and even in the rain. When it comes to heat, I think, can you take the heat away? 

If you can't, then adapt to the heat. I work when it is cold in the morning. Going to bed under a tree in the afternoon. Going to work again in the evening. Goes away, doesn't matter. I have no complaints with the heat! Do we ever think about how much we have? No, it's just a matter of time. There is only AC in the bedroom, if there was AC in the hall, it would be fun to watch TV! Happiness is not poor or rich, happiness is not cheap or expensive, life is not easy or hard, it is everything we are and what we think we are. That is, can you enjoy it? So you are happy.

There should be beautiful dreams for life. At the same time, there should be an understanding of dreams. Blindfolding does not make dreams come true. Even dreams have to be allowed to mature. No flower grows overnight. No fruit ripens immediately. Everything requires hard work. We are in a hurry. Are you happy with what you are doing right now? Most people want to change jobs. It is reasonable for a man to change his job when there is a good chance and growth that is acceptable, but everyone has to get out of the current situation. One man changed four jobs. When he was asked the reasons, he found out that one had timing problems, the other had co-workers, the third company's HR policy was not right and there is more work pressure now. He asked the young man that now I will go to the fifth place, do you think there will be no problem? If so, it is a mistake. There will also be a fifth type of problem. The problem is not in the work or in the company, the problem is mostly in us. There are so many people working in a company, why do some of them have a problem? Because they are mostly looking for a problem!

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