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ધોરણ 10 સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન MCQ પ્રશ્નો | Social science Std.10

 Each teacher is a student . Education is a life long process. The teacher should continue learning throughout his life. According to RN Tagore,

"a teacher can never teach the truth unless he himself learns that one lamp can keep another lamp burning only when it is lit by itself" so no man or woman should decide to learn. The decision to teach should be made until it happens. Because the true teacher is the student in his life.

2. For professional development

In-service training is essential for the professional growth of a teacher. They need to renew their experience, refresh knowledge, develop a broader perspective, benefit from the experiences of others, acquire new information and revitalize themselves.

3. Education is dynamic.

Education is dynamic. What is always changing The educational doctrine that was supposed to be true twenty years ago is not very good today. So a teacher who was trained twenty years ago should receive new training today. He should keep in touch with the latest trends in education. It is necessary to have up-to-date knowledge of new problems, new methods, new technologies in education.

4. Training in democratic life

When teachers meet in seminars or workshops. They develop an understanding of security. An ideology has a team spirit and feelings towards each other so teachers get their training in a democratic way. In-service teachers help make education fully democratic. Through the in-service education program, the teacher is able to meet all kinds of people and share his experience with others.

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5. Education is a lifelong process.

Education that does not study cannot be good education. Education training is a lifelong process. He should continue to make efforts towards education for the rest of his life. Rabindranath Tagore said, "A teacher will never learn unless he learns himself. A lamp never lights another lamp unless it ignites its own flame."

In my opinion the importance of service is that

The existing society is formed by the teachers through new experiments. For example, adult education.

Students are developing creative power and different values ​​through the implementation of innovative methods through in-service teacher-teaching.

2. Teachers acquire a new approach to teaching.

3. In-service teacher-education achieves the solution of the problem of education during the discussion by the organization of teachers in the training institute.

4. In-service teacher-education training institute provided guidance to teachers for the problem by experts.

5. Achieved adaptation of teacher education and technology through in-service teacher-education training.

6. The creative power in the teacher is that other teachers get its benefit [guidance].

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