Friday, May 21, 2021

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 Man is known by his senses. Sensation should be sattvic. Our senses have become ‘selective’. Sensation varies from man to man. More sympathy for someone and less sympathy for someone. We rain for someone, even if someone is thirsty for us, we do not have the slightest vibration.

For many, we have become numb. A man who has become numb cannot be found. There is a difference between forgetting and getting lost. Mistakes are made that go astray. Lost is the one who does not know himself. When many people are found, they are lost somewhere. What else can one get that one does not get? Emptyness is to be met from an empty man. Only a full man can wet another. Only those who are colored can be colored, those who are gloomy have to sing.Our faces are serious, because our minds are sad. We walk around in sadness. Claiming to be skilled and forgetting to laugh. A college professor talked about his students. 

"Now our education is sharpened," he said. All of that learning is for degrees only. Not for life. You have to start a new class now to survive. The greatest need today is to teach people to live lightly. Our syllabus makes man sad and silly, not sweet and happy. Now we need to teach them how to laugh. How to live When was the last time you laughed like a belly button? When did the corner of your eye get wet seeing someone's pain, suffering, pain, embarrassment or change? When did your heat surge? 

ઓફિસિયલ પરિપત્રની લિંક નીચે આપી 

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When did you last feel the wind? When did you meet the cuckoo's nest? When was the last time you uttered a wow? When did your twigs curl to the touch of a flower petal? Our senses do not flutter, because we are fluttering. We are avoiding ourselves. Time is not in our grasp, we are in the grasp of time.

Do you have sensations? Yes there is! Only if there is empathy. There can be no man without empathy. We don't care about that feeling. Sensations are suppressed in one corner and we are trapped within ourselves. We have to work hard now to relax. Planning for relaxation has to be done. For fun we have become obsessed with technology. We've gone too fast. So fast that we have to learn to slow down. Blood pressure remains high. Understand that we have forgotten to be slow, instinctive and easy when we have to take a pill to control pressure. We have to take pills when we can't control ourselves. Tablet means the cost of being late in life.

Feelings and sadness directly affect the environment around you and your individuals. The sadness of one person in the house overwhelms the whole house. One person's laughter brings the whole house to life. We often care about our feelings, but we ignore the feelings of those we love. The superiority of the senses is to do what our person likes, not just what we like. It's about a couple. The wife was quite live. She kept laughing. Enjoying all the work. Suddenly his behavior changed. Laughter subsided. Complaints escalated. The atmosphere in the house became tense. The husband was extremely sensitive. One day he said, I have taken two days off. Let's go for a walk somewhere. Somewhere where we are close to nature. Let's open a little so delicately that the butterfly flies. Feel the rhythm of the waves. The two went for a walk. When he returned, his wife was alive again.

You do not need a psychiatrist to treat your person if you have sensations. The only cure for pain is empathy. We often feel like something is dead in me. I'm missing something. It is a sensation. I don't like anywhere, I can't do anything, I don't feel like I'm living life, but I feel like I'm stumbling. Depression is nothing but the death of the senses. It is difficult to keep the senses alive, that is why it is important not to let the senses die.

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