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Granted Secondary Recruitment 2021 Matter of Adding New Vacancies

  How much do we do as we please? This is not a matter of pleasing the mind or pleasing the mind. It is a matter of sensations flowing in the mind, it is a matter of desires rising in the mind and it is a matter of reviving some dreams that have been beaten in some corner of the mind! Every

man has a very straightforward, very sensitive and man who wants to live his own way. From within us, sometimes the man is trying to come out, grumbling, telling us to do something I like, do as you like. We tap it and fix it. Not now. Now there is another work. Not so much now.

It is not necessary to have a reason for every thing, every thing, every desire or every action. What do we do for no reason? Most of the time, what happens without a reason is what brings us closer to life. Sometimes something should be done without a reason. 

What is the reason behind stopping a car on the highway during the rainy season and feeling cold in the open? What do we get by chewing on college memories with friends over a tea kettle? What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there? Mark, there is no reason behind it when we have fun. It is not fun to spend thousands or millions of rupees, it is fun sometimes, it comes suddenly.Sometimes listening to a ghazal makes the mind say wow! What's up Seeing a small child splashing in the rain brings a smile to one's face.

 When there is a whisper of cold wind on the top of the mountain, it happens that I enjoy it with my eyes open or I close my eyes and take this coolness inside me. Happiness sometimes does not come from planning. That's how the bus climbs. We should be able to catch up. Time also gives us a chance, but we are turning a blind eye. Not now, when you get bored. Don't get bored. If you do not want to be frustrated, make sure you get some rest.

ફાઇલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવાની લિંક નીચે આપેલ છે. 

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Two friends were getting in the car. Suddenly a friend said one minute, if the car rocks. The car stopped. The friend picked up the box of snacks he had taken with him. A madman was playing with leaves on the side of the road. I sat next to him and asked, will I have breakfast? The madman answered nothing. Pal-Bepel looked back and began to play with the leaves. That friend gave breakfast. The madman took the breakfast and ate it in his own pleasure. The friend kept feeling the scene. After sitting for a while, he stood up. Got eyes for two moments with mad. The friend said, bye. The madman answered nothing. Probably no such formalities in his supernatural world!

Sitting in the car said to a friend, variable. Running car. The event lasted only five to ten minutes. The friend asked, why did you suddenly feel like this? The friend replied, just like that. There was no reason. Seeing that madman, the thought came to him that he is having fun, playing with leaves. I also felt that I should enjoy the move for a while. We pretend to be wise to wise people. Sometimes the thought comes that how good it would be if one could go insane for a while with a madman? The friend laughed and said that you are no less crazy! Suddenly Sirius said that friend, maybe this is true, maybe we are living this much for ourselves! By singing a song like 'Ji le zara', we convince the mind that we have lived a little bit, even by saying that we are living in illusion. How long are we really living?

We are free to live by killing the mind. We just crush the head of the mind and then complain that there is no fun, there is no such thing as life. One couple was sitting at home watching TV. The story of a hill station was coming on TV. At present there is a pleasant atmosphere. Great views. The beauty of nature is overwhelming. Seeing this, the husband said, "I feel like going to this place with you, but it doesn't match." Not on leave. The wife said that you are right. You can't leave right now. I will go there when I go, but who is stopping you from going out now? The natural environment is also here, such beautiful views are created here too, we still have two hours. Come on, let's get dizzy for an hour. No one can stop us from enjoying small desires when big desires cannot be fulfilled. Time is sometimes a steal. When you come home from the office, sometimes you have to enjoy the view of nature, you have to chant a song on the radio while driving a car, you have to close your eyes for a few moments and look inside yourself. Remembering that life is beautiful, we have to keep signing the right in front of it every day. Don't hit the mind. The mind just needs a few moments. If you enjoy a little time every day, you will not feel the fatigue of life, if you keep hitting the mind a little bit every day, there will come a time when the mind will be completely dead. Depression is nothing but a temporary death of the mind. This death comes because we have killed the mind with our own hands. It has a sore throat. If you want to live life, don't let your mind die.

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