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Mathematics practice book for standard 5 students | Std.5 Maths

 What is the greatest strength of man? It's just that two men are never the same. Variation is a trait of nature. Faces may be the same, but not nature. Simultaneously born twins also have sky-high differences. The thumbs are all there, but the thumbprints are

never the same. The line of the hand and the ‘look’ of the eyes are also the same. Eyes are good, but vision is not good. The sight of a man who can see less can also be wide. The two flowers in a rose are not the same as the two thorns. The moon gets smaller and bigger every day. The waves of the ocean fluctuate as high or low as a man's mood.

We all breathe, but the rhythm of breathing is not the same. Blood is present in all, but the blood type is different. The tears look the same, but the pain is different. What does all this prove? All in all, you are unique, there is no one else like you. You know how you are, but one thing is for sure, you are different. You are either good or bad, you can be good for some people and bad for some people. It's your choice, but how you are for someone is their choice. You cannot tarnish your image. Yes, you can make your image accurate, but the person in front of you doesn't have to accept it.

Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. Even a bad man can be good for someone. The only fun part is that they are a little different. Types of man are tough to predict. Wise, insane, crazy, capital, bhejageb, psycho, chakra, enigmatic, sweet, rogue, worthless, rude, rough, rude, capricious, deceitful, quarrelsome, generous, stingy, greedy and countless other labels you can associate with man. When it comes to many people, it is said that he is a 'man of God'. It is easy to be a man of God, but it is difficult to be a man of God, because God does not live with us, man lives with us. 

This man also changes back every day. That is why we have to keep a constant balance with man. If a person wants to live forever, he has to change it a little bit every day. If a person becomes numb instead, the relationship will end. Yes, some relationships are maintained by letting go of the mind, but there is no instinct, there is no acceptance, there are only compromises.More important than how the world is is how I am. The world is going to be what it is, we can't change it. We can create our own world. Are you good Will be. However, this does not mean that good things will happen to you. 

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Many people think that I am good or that I am good, but why does this happen to me? One of the reasons is that not everyone is like you. You don't even have to be like everyone else. You can't be like everyone else. If you are going to be, you may not be anywhere. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Yes, you can be good, but there is a price to be paid for being good and being good. Where does a bad man have to pay? Do all the people in jail pay the price? Even the bad guys on the outside seem to be having fun, but they are also being punished.

We do not need to worry about others. We just have to worry. That's enough if you're good. Good people have to deal with it the most. Excellence is not achieved without struggle. The iron melts in the fire and the gold shines more. The hero shines only after it is worn out and the mercury fades. If you are good, be prepared for conflict. You have to struggle not only with outsiders or the outside environment but also with yourself. The reason is that sometimes we also get the idea that what did I get by being good? What is found is ‘goodness’ and is becoming rare nowadays. You have to enjoy goodness too!

There was a group of friends. Two friends from this group were very personal. Once a group of friends planned to go for a walk. While everyone was deciding, two or three friends took the name of a friend and said, "Dude, don't take it." Needless to say. He is a devout man, will spoil our fun and will continue to teach. This very personal friend was saddened when it came to rejecting this friend. He argued, but it did not work out. To say no to it is to say no is final.

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