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NMMS Exam 2020 Result & Merit list Declare

 This was the time when you were traveling in a bus, train or plane and you saw the person sitting next to you reading something. Everyone had a newspaper, a magazine or a book with them. Now those scenes have become rare. The mobile is now in the hands of man. Without a mobile, a man feels sleepy. Nothing wrong.
Scenes also change with the change of technology. Mobile has changed people's habits. The definition of entertainment has changed. This is not the first time anything like this has happened. The same thing happened when the radio came. When television came along, people used to say that now everyone would sit at home and watch a movie. After the Round the Clock news channel came along, people believed that no one would read the newspaper anymore. This has not happened. The press is read. Crowds gather at the multiplex. The radio is also audible.

Media experts named Marshall McLuhan came up with a theory called "Big Media, Little Media" years ago. Accordingly, when a new media comes, the old media does not end, but the dormant powers in the old media come out and its existence is not harmed. Even today, some experts say that sooner or later people will get bored with mobiles. There is still a new craze so there is a craze. When TV came, people kept watching TV even if there was a scrap program coming. Now he sees what he wants to see and sees as much as he wants to see. The same is going to happen with mobile. 

People will use the work just enough. I am very understanding of human nature. He will realize that this is a headache, eats time, keeps the brain occupied and digs a dead end of creativity. Mobile is not a bad thing, it is a very useful tool but excess is always a disaster. Nothing to worry about, sooner or later people will come to the line.It is not that he will stop using mobile but will use it intelligently. Anything to read or write will be read only on mobile. Well, has the advent of mobile changed people's reading habits? Yes, definitely fell. Readings have decreased. The pleasure of reading a book with a book in hand has taken away the five and a half inch screen. However, a recent survey suggests that Indians read the most books to date. Is it not great?

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According to the World Culture Score Index, Indians read 10.42 hours of books every week. If we do daily calculations, we have an average reading of one hour and fifty nine minutes. After us, Thailand reads 9.24 hours a week, China 8 hours, Philippines 7.36 hours, Egypt 7.30 hours, Czech Republic 7.24 hours, Russia 7.06 hours, Sweden 6.54 hours, France 6.54 hours and tenth Saudi Arabia 6.48 hours. America ranks 22nd with 5.42 hours a week. Britain ranks 26th with 5.18 hours.

It is natural to be happy to know that we are number one in reading. These statistics are from all over the country, the question of how much Gujaratis read is a subject of research. It has been said about Gujaratis that Gujaratis are more interested in books of accounts than books. No matter what is said, even in Gujarat, people who want to read, read, books are sold and read. If it hadn't been for the reading, the publishers' business would not have been so boisterous!

Along with reading, one of the biggest and most important questions is, do people end up reading? Right now we have heaps of options in front of us. Today is the time of information explosion. People have all kinds of readings available. There is also a reading material that calms the heart, shakes the senses and makes us think, and is also a material that truly makes you hug and does not add up after reading. Man's reading pattern and reading habit also change with time and age. I like children's literature when I am young, patterns change when I grow up. Everyone has their own choice in reading. Some people like fiction, some people like non-fiction.

However, one thing that is true about reading is that reading enhances your knowledge, your understanding and the ability to look at each event from a different angle. However, it depends on what we read! It doesn't matter if you read books or read e-books on your mobile. Reading is important and deciding what to read and what not to read is important. No matter what people say or believe, people should not come without reading. Reading connects the man to himself. Words touch the heart directly and softly, that is why sometimes even after reading one or two lines, one can say that wow, what a thing! By the way, what and how much do you read? What you read is really like reading, isn't it? Guarantee that you don't have to brag for fun and entertainment if you enjoy reading

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