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Std.6 to 8 NCERT Science MCQ Mobile Application | Useful for ALl Exam

 The real fun is not in the destination, but in the journey. The destination before the destination is the same noble experience of life. Getting what you want is not the same as making the mistake of thinking a person is lucky. That is probably unfortunate. There is no thrill when desires are fulfilled

by bursting. Water feels more salty only when thirsty. The more intense the thirst, the greater the satisfaction. The fun of eating is more in hunger than in food. Thirst and longing in life should be intense and active. It's fun to get the right thing and success at the right time in life. If you give a very expensive bike to a small child, it does not have any thrill, it just gives him a nice fun bicycle thrill.

A very rich man once told his son the story of his struggle. He said I had nothing. I worked hard day and night. The only dream was to succeed once, to make a name for oneself in the village and to earn money. Climbed one step after another and I reached this level today. You are lucky to have everything ready. The son said that if you consider me lucky, in fact I am unlucky. It's true that I got everything, but I'm not as smart as you. How many challenges have you seen in life. Faced with it, enjoyed a single peak of success, you have your story to tell, your success. What do i have The business inherited from the father and this Jahojalali! I have never seen sorrow! There is no challenge. I'm not lucky, I'm unlucky.

There is a rhythm to life. There is a pace of work. There is a way to success. There is a rhythm in every order of nature. The morning dawns. The day dawns. Then the sun slowly sets. The night also opens. The evening knocks on the door of the night and darkness slowly enters. The bud bursts. The leaves grow. The bud is created. The petals open and the flower blooms. Nothing happens by bursting. There is a funny saying in Gujarati, don't ripen mango in a hurry. A hundred hurried, a hundred serious.

એપ્લીકેશન માટેની લિંક નીચે આપી છે 

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We are getting used to the instant. We want everything immediately. Gujarati traders teach children to sit still in peace. Places should be heated. A flying butterfly cannot suck honey from a flower. The butterfly has to sit on the flower. Look at any wild animal, it has to run for prey. Lag has to wait. Don't be in a hurry. Do what you do with patience and perseverance. A management guru has said a nice thing. Do you want to succeed So keep doing what you are doing right now. The next stage will come automatically. Success is like a video game. The more difficult the stage, the more difficult the stage will be. You have to be more alert than before. Have to work harder. Don't worry about the last stage for it, keep doing what you have now, pay attention to it, just try to cross it.

The haste to succeed often leads to failure. Man wastes his energy to succeed quickly, then there is no power when needed. The man gets tired. This is what a successful marathon runner said. When the race starts you should know that the race is too long, I have to start slowly. In the beginning it also happens that a few people run fast and get ahead. People who run fast from the beginning get tired in the middle. You have enough time to put it behind you. An eruption gives a greater light than a lamp, but the eruption is soon extinguished. Its lifespan is short. The lamp is constantly burning and providing enough light.

Success requires skill as well as wisdom. It doesn't work every time. There should also be preparation for what will happen and what kind of country. This is a very true story made with a family of jewelers. His show room was roaring. The whole family was involved in this business. The market slumped. Simultaneously new competitors came into the market. All the calculations that started were inverted. There came a stage when the bankruptcy had to be blown. The house was barely functioning. Gradually everything was sold out.

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