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 From the word student, it must be understood that the one who strives in the sense of education is called a student. In general, what should we be the ideal teacher? We have been discussing it for years. Moreover, as a person, the teacher has very high expectations of the whole society, that is why we have given the Guru the place of
God. But society should not forget that he is also a man. Also, it is important to remember that education is a two way process, that is, like other relationships, the rule of take & give is working in the teacher-disciple relationship. If the guru wants to teach, if he is knowledgeable and charismatic, if the guru of the society is capable and capable of fulfilling all the expectations, then the goal of education cannot be achieved if the disciple does not fulfill the conditions required to become a student. As if God is showering blessings, but if we keep our buckets upside down, is it possible to get it? 

In this way the guru is diligent but the students do not have the desire to get education, the fickle mind does not become stable, the necessary qualifications to be a student such as celibacy, austere life, determination, proper diet, morality and character etc. are absent. So even a Guru who is fully knowledgeable and has the same power as God cannot bring the expected result. We all know that student stage is youth and there are certain characteristics of youth such as 1) A young person does not like to walk in Chile, he likes to play without a bhoomi i.e. he does not like anyone's advice or teaching. 
અહી નીચે આપેલ લિંક પરથી સેવ કરો

Being a storehouse of strength and vigor, his ambitions are paramount. There is a lot to learn but not the right information. 2) There is a lot of energy in it but there is a lack of energy. So that often creates destruction for itself. 5) Anger due to hot blood does not appear, it reacts very quickly, ready to answer bricks with stones. Due to such specific characteristics, the whole future does not seem to be bleak if proper understanding is not given at the right time. Based on my 3 years of academic experience as a professor, I think the time has come for the society to think about what a teacher should look like and what a student should look like, otherwise the youth of the society will be ruined and the time to come will be very painful for all. In my view, it is essential for an ideal student to have the following qualities.

1) Absolute Respect for Guru - We all know that today's children are far from respecting things like respect. On the contrary, it is seen at school level rather than making fun of teachers, neglecting them, making fun of strange naming etc. Even in the classroom, their behavior is almost inappropriate, rude, and rude. Moreover, the level of grandfathering among college students has increased to such an extent that they have started threatening, stabbing and intimidating the professor. They understand that three years of college is a golden time to party and they don't like it when someone tries to turn to study or give the right advice. We all know that education is a tool of knowledge. In which the goal of education is meaningful only if the teacher is selfless and knowledgeable and the students have utmost respect for the guru. In addition, the government's rule not to punish students in any way has allayed the fears of some of the teachers. They know that none of our teachers can spoil it. A sense of honor usually manifests itself in two ways. The rites received by the family arise from a distance or come from fear. But at the moment both things seem to be failing. There is no fear of rules or laws, the teacher's government has cut off the hand and the family has failed to cultivate since childhood. Without respect for the guru, the student will not find any of his words appropriate. Because we believe in the same person we love. Ego must bend for the attainment of knowledge. The Guru should have a spirit of service to God.

3) Samyam - Samyam is very important in student life. Learning is not possible without controlling the senses. Eating as much as you like (lack of control over taste), speaking as you like (control over speech), watching as you like (reckless use of porn site), listening as you like (lack of satsangs at home and outside) etc. Disorientes. Excellent results can be obtained from the confluence of Josh and Hosh if there is more Josh in youth and understanding is cultivated.

3) willingness to study - Love for education arises only if students have a longing for education. But today's student feels that education is not useful in any way, education is not necessary to live life or achieve success. That is why they are always looking for cases of businessmen who have become millionaires without education. If the guru wants to impart education but the student does not want to achieve it, then where is the education meaningful? The situation in the college today is that the students are not seen in the class as they consider the college time to be the best time to hang out and party.

2) Concentration - In addition, the student needs a lot of concentration. Even the minds of the students who are present in the class do not stick to the study. Every five minutes their concentration is disturbed. For which many professors sometimes try to bring back the interest of the student by using jokes, shayari etc. which has a more detrimental effect on the psyche of the students and reduces their value towards good and serious teachers. Concentration Yoga

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