Sunday, June 27, 2021

જાણો Google અને Jio ના સૌથી સસ્તા 4G સ્માર્ટફોનમાં તમને શું શું ફીચર્સ મળશે?

 Reliance Jio has teamed up with Google to announce the JioPhone Next smartphone, which will give users running 2G feature phones the option to upgrade to a customized version of Android 4G-enabled smartphone at an affordable price. Geophone Next was announced by Mukesh Ambani at the 44th Annual General Meeting (RIL AGM 2021) of Reliance Industries on Thursday, June 24.

The new Android smartphone JioPhone Next is the result of a partnership between Reliance Jio and Google. The cheap smartphone was announced last year by Mukesh Ambani and Google chief Sundar Pichai. Let us know what features you will find in Geophone Next.

1) Customized version of Google's Android operating system

Reliance JioPhone Next will come with a customized version of the Android operating system provided by Google, not KaiOS. “Our teams have customized the version of our Android OS specifically for this device,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet. This is the first mobile device from Reliance Jio to provide Android OS. Earlier models of the Jio phone were powered by the KaiOS operating system.

2) Basic hardware features

Geophone Next will come with basic hardware features that may not support the latest Android operating system. This is the main reason why Google has created a strip down and optimized Android version for the limited hardware capabilities of Geophone Next.

વધુ વિગત માટે લિંક નીચે આપી છે. 

જાણવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો   

3) You will also get these features

The Geophone Next will come with large bezels at the bottom and top of the display with a touch screen of about 5 inches. The design is similar to the 2012 Android smartphone. There will also be a rear camera with LED flash along with a selfie camera at the front with support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others.

4) Access to Google Play Store

Google has also promised to support the latest Android applications and security updates on the JioPhone Next. In addition, the Google Play Store will be preloaded in the phone with Google Play Protect.

5) Google Assistant Voice Support

In JioPhone Next, users will get Google Assistant voice support. Users will be able to get the latest cricket scores or weather updates using Google Assistant Voice Support on this phone.

In addition, in JioPhone Next, users will get other features of Reliance Jio like Reliance Retail, Jiomart, Jio Health, Jio Sawan and many more features in just one phone.

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