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Range forest officer exam syllabus download

 Range Forest Officer / Ranger / Circle Forest Officer (Hindi: वन क्षेत्र अधिकारी) is an officer for a State Forest Service (SFS) in the Government of India. In some states, they also are referred t

as a "Forest Range Officer." Range Forest Officer is a Gazetted Officer. They wear a prescribed khaki uniform which has 3 three (five pointed) stars on shoulder. RFO is an administrative officer. He or she is equivalent to Tahsildar or Circle Officers in the administrative domain and Deputy superintendent of police with three stars without any stripes in Police. Forest Rangers are state forest officers who belong to the provincial forest forces, either direct entrants at that rank or promoted from Deputy Rangers. Officers recruited by State Public Service Commissions receive this rank directly.

Range Forest officers are responsible for the forests, environment and wildlife-related issues of a Forest Range within a state or union territory of India. He or she is responsible for the execution of all works in the Range, with the help of subordinates:

Syllabus  ની લિંક નીચે આપી છે 
RFOs are invariably trained in forestry and allied subjects in forest academies or forest rangers colleges established and administered by the Government of India or the State Government, as the case may be. The training course of Forest Range Officers is prescribed by the Government of India. The training duration is of 18 months which includes about 19 subjects related to forestry, Biodiversity etc. It also includes 6 months all India tour. It is a ceartment of Forestry Education (DFE) runs 3 training institutes in Assam, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu for both ACF and FRO and one institution exclusively for FRO training in West Bengal. Many states also having their own institutions under the strict supervision of DFE.

Forest Range Officer is the officer in executive charge of the Range and he or she is responsible for the efficient management of the Range, for the custody and condition of all Government Property in his charge and for the discipline, conduct and work of all his subordinate staff. He or she is responsible for the execution of all works in the Range, with the help of subordinates Forest Deputy Rangers, Forest Section Officers, guards and watchers, according to the instructions and orders of the Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) and/or Divisional Forest Officer (DFO/DCF)

He or she is responsible for the collection and credit of Forest Revenue and for prompt and correct payment of all sums due for the works executed. He or she must carry out his inspections in detail and see that all these subordinates do their work properly.

In the event serious misconduct of any subordinate, the Range Officers should report the case to Divisional Forest Officer for disciplinary action.

He should maintain all accounts, relating to revenue, expenditure, timber and other forest produce, and submit his accounts and reports punctually to Division Office. He or she should take effective measures to protect the forest Wealth in his custody

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