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આદિજાતિ વિકાસ અધિકારી પરીક્ષા 2021 પેપર | 17-7-2021

 On hearing the name of the examination, the eyebrows of the students get raised. And they start feeling like a kind of burden. In the tension of the exam, they start thinking about the silly questions and also stop meeting because of fear. But, this fear is not a real fear. It is only a mental state. Which not only every student but every human has to face it sometimes. Because human life is full of struggles and challenges.

So how do you get good marks in the exam? How to pass in the exam? How to top the exam? How much to study, when and which subject to study more? How to prepare for the exam, how to remember to top, how to write in the exam? What are the things to be kept in mind while giving the exam? One should not take unnecessary stress by thinking about the questions etc.If you are also a student and the exam has come on its head. So this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

Because, in this article, we tell you how to prepare for the exam in less time, how to be successful in the exam and what things should be kept in mind during the exam? Answer all these questions.If you will read this article carefully and follow the mentioned things. So we give you full confidence. The study tips mentioned here will give better results in the examination and will keep you stress free. Then no one will be able to stop you from getting success in the exam.

આદિજાતિ વિકાસ અધિકારી પરીક્ષા 

પેપર ડાઉનલોડ PDF 2021 

Answer Key- Provisional 

Exam : 17-7-2021 

For the convenience of study, we have divided this article into the following parts. So that it is easy for you to read and understand it.How to study before the exam?You must be thinking that what is the special way to study before the exam? And how is it helpful in the exam?Classes have to be attended and what is being taught. He has to come home and revise once or twice.Bus!You are right. But, every student does all this. Then why every student is not successful/passed in the exam, why not every student get good marks, why only some students top the board exam and come in merit?

Now you have no answer to these questions. And it won't happen either. Because our mind never thinks these questions. If we will think otherwise, there is no chance of getting the answer.eep one thing in mind.“Success doesn't come in a day. But, one day hard work and effort definitely pays off.”Therefore, before preparing for the board exam or while preparing for any competitive exam. You will prepare only by keeping in mind the study tips given below. Then you will definitely get success.

Have enough study material

read with a calm and focused mind

Make a habit of highlighting key points

Make notes by hand

keep in touch with the subject teacher

Talk to the teacher from time to time

Keep giving tests at regular intervals

teach others

#1 Take Regular Classes – Attend Regular Classes

75% attendance is mandatory to appear in the exam. This is the rule of every school board. If your attendance is less than 75% then you may be denied to appear in the exam.

That one thing happened. But, attending classes regularly and on time keeps our studies on track.

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